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→As if to underscore the comparison, Putin noted Russian servicemen and military families from what the Kremlin calls the "special military operation" in Ukraine were in attendance alongside WWII veterans.▒


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JANTX1N970B-1⇪"Consumers are now forced to accept that more children will be crushed to death in tip-over accidents," Trumka said, estimating that at least one child will die from a tip-over every year due to the discrepancy between the two standards.▁1206J2000102FCR〓Announcing the Supreme Court decision on Thursday, Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial told Khan that his arrest was "invalid, therefore the whole process needs to be backtracked."❥


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IRL620STRL◆Beyond that, it argues that congressional subpoenas for information are institutional and cannot be asserted by individual members of the House or Senate.⇪GA0805Y473KXJBC31G£The AR-15, like its military version, is designed to kill people quickly and in large numbers. The National Rifle Association calls it "America's Rifle."☀


▪In turn, our readerly patience is well-rewarded. Whether describing the spice craze sweeping across Europe, Kerala's breathtaking coastal views, the overpowering Madras evening breezes, or the lively Anglo-Indian enclaves, Verghese tends to the lyrical. But he writes with such singular detail and restrained precision that it is a pleasure to be swept along and immersed deeper. Even the characters who only appear for a few paragraphs leave lasting impressions because each is diagrammed as essential to the novel's anatomy. And Verghese does not miss any opportunity to inject humor, including about Malayali culture. For example: "Because if there's one thing Malayalis fear, it's missing out when there's reaping to be done."⇣MPI4020V2-1R2-R•Mike Colle, a Toronto city councillor, said Panza had worked on some of his campaigns and they got to know each other.☌C1206C334M3REC7800➴Their workday begins much before the crack of dawn, says Seeniammal, who is spreading the seaweed she gathered to dry just outside her home. That morning, she woke up at 3 a.m., made herself tea, prepared a meal for her husband and her granddaughter who lives with her and packed some rice for lunch on the boat.↼1206Y0630821JER☀A judge in Worcester, Mass., is considering whether to detain Jack Teixeira, the Air National guardsman accused of leaking U.S. government secrets, after a hearing Thursday where federal prosecutors argued he should remain in jail pending trial.↑

↢Minnesota state Sen. Mary Kunesh, who is a descendant of the Standing Rock, Lakota Nation, says she understands that Warroad has tried to be respectful. As for the gift of land to the school, "maybe at that time, that was something that the Native communities either could accept or felt powerless to push back against."✄1808J1K00181JCR■"I've had dreams, and frankly nightmares, over ensuring that in pursuit of this bill that we don't re-create the war on drugs from the crack cocaine days," Democratic Attorney General Aaron Ford told The Associated Press after introducing one of the bills.↣

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned that would bring an economic catastrophe, destroying hundreds of thousands of jobs and potentially disrupting financial markets across the globe. No mention of the issue was made in the finance leaders' statement.✥


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