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2300HT-3R9-H-RC♣The last British coronation for Elizabeth captivated people across the world. It is unclear if King Charles and his wife's anointing will garner the same jubilation.♥C410C272K1G5TA➼The pope's Easter message is known by its Latin name, "Urbi et Orbi," which means "to the city and the world."♀


ºIn two separate cases, one against Twitter, the other against Google, the families of people killed in terrorist bombing attacks in Istanbul and Paris sued Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube, claiming that the companies had violated the federal Anti-Terrorism Act, which specifically allows civil damage claims for aiding and abetting terrorism.♣ASPI-0412S-3R3N-T3☾Dudnik appears at a window which looks recently repaired. "Over here!"▊RL824-331K-RC➼She is particularly hopeful that this intervention can help prevent adolescent maternal deaths — the leading cause of death for girls aged 15-19 worldwide.▰LK21255R6M-T▪On Friday, less than 24 hours after the video first posted, Max-Brown removed it from TikTok, but recordings of the ad quickly spread on social media, fueling outrage and garnering millions of views. Online, survivors of other school shootings — including those at Michigan State and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School — mocked the ad.✏

◫A horse named National Treasure won the Preakness Stakes on Saturday, the second leg of the Triple Crown. The win handed trainer Bob Baffert a record-setting victory, hours after he had to put down an injured horse, and coming upon his return to the race after being banned last year.⇀1825J1K20120KCR↖"The Registration potentially subjects Taco Bell and anyone else who wants to share tacos with the world to the possibility of legal action or angry letters if they say 'Taco Tuesday' without express permission from Registrant – simply for pursuing happiness on a Tuesday," the company said in the filing. "This violates an American ideal: 'the pursuit of happiness.'"►

➭Agencies within the department such as the Wage and Hour Division, which enforces child labor laws, declined to be interviewed for this story. In a statement, the department said it has "long been concerned" with child labor in the U.S., including in tobacco, and is focused on combating illegal child labor. The department pointed out that large tobacco companies publicly pledged to end child labor in their supply chains in 2014.◑

✌The two Democrats on the court pushed back against the Republican majority's decision and characterization of the case. In their dissenting opinion, Justice Anita Earls said that through the earlier ruling that's now vacated, "a Democratic-controlled Court carried out its sworn duty to uphold the state constitution's guarantee of free elections, fair to all voters of both parties."◦


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0603J0631P80DCR⇆"I follow your page and work and LOVE it," Scott wrote to the owner, according to the indictment. "Just out of curiosity, would you know anyone in the market for a fully in tact [sic], embalmed brain?"☜2225Y1000820KFT✑Sassoon's estate was broken up after he died and the biblical codex was sold by Sotheby's in Zurich in 1978 to the British Rail Pension Fund for around $320,000, or $1.4 million in today's dollars.☢

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