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VS-12CWQ03FNPBF✏It started with a call from a fisherman, who said he saw what looked to be a black Jeep virtually submerged in a large lake in Marion County, Texas. Not until later, after a tow truck came, did anyone realize someone was in the vehicle — and that they were still alive.☭C1206C223F3GEC7800☇For the next hour, citizens of Twin Falls endured the sheer trauma of waiting. The school's 1,200 or so students cowered in classrooms and bathrooms, texting parents and friends and posting on social media. Law enforcement teams swept the school's two floors three times.▨

➙The indictment of former wrestler Ted "Teddy" DiBiase Jr., 40, of Madison, Mississippi, was unsealed Thursday, two days after it was issued by a grand jury in Jackson. During a brief court appearance Thursday, he pleaded not guilty.☆


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1206Y1000681KDT★At least one member of the South African choir had been to the Virginia choir's August 1890 performance in Kimberley: Josiah Semouse, a writer and post office clerk. His review encapsulates the kind of impact the group had on Black South Africans.✂C1206X220J1GAC7800◎Miranda Lambert thrilled them with a rousing, sing-along version of "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys," Nelson's 1978 hit with Waylon Jennings. The Chicks blazed through 1970's "Bloody Mary Morning" at the same break-neck pace that Willie and his Family Band played it live in their prime.♕

↓The clinic's closure created an abortion care desert for four years before another provider took over the practice.❀


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2225Y0250183GFR⇥Toward the end of her speech, Protasiewicz was joined onstage by the three liberal justices she'll soon join on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.ぃASPI-1306S-101M-T❄The U.S. and Germany have worked closely together to supply Ukraine with military and humanitarian assistance. But there has also been friction over issues such as providing tanks, and Washington has occasionally grown frustrated with Berlin's hesitance.☢


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