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1210J2000102JAT◦On Tuesday, Shealy unsuccessfully proposed amending the ban to 12 weeks, which Senate leaders and abortion opponents had rejected in the past, since most abortions are performed before the first trimester. She called 12 weeks “a real compromise,” echoing the rhetoric of Republicans in neighboring North Carolina about a similar ban GOP lawmakers recently approved there.⇐GA0805Y681JBCBT31G❁The leaker later explained to another user that he was concerned that he would get in trouble for "making the transcriptions of text in the workplace" so he began taking the documents to his residence and photographing them, another online user known to have interacted with the leaker told the FBI.■

⇦The basic rule of thumb is that El Niño patterns occur more often, but La Niña usually lasts longer — sometimes for years. Most instances of either pattern usually play out over only nine to 12 months.♠


☏After the operation, Mr. Biden addressed the operation to take down the balloon after landing in Hagerstown, Maryland.▣1210J2K00472MXT◈"Remember it only takes a moment to change your life forever," said Sophie Shulman, NHTSA deputy administrator.▥C1206X111F5HACAUTO☢One prominent analyst lays blame for the country's current crisis on the army, for interfering in the country's' political system.⇛1N5987D⇄President Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced the start of the rulemaking process on Monday afternoon — just weeks before the busy summer travel season.✐

☂"And I wonder who is going to explain today's decision to their parents. Who will explain that the Commission failed them because it chose the path of least resistance, instead of the path that would have saved their child's life," he added.◦CDR03BX333BKUS-ZANAM♘Carroll blames the encounter in part for never having another intimate relationship in her life.☊


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2220J0630391JFR➞That tornado was not far from where three people died in Indiana's Sullivan County, about 95 miles (150 kilometers) southwest of Indianapolis. Several people were rescued overnight, with reports of as many as 12 people injured.㊣C410C681JAG5TA⇅Abbott tweeted that because the state constitution limits him to a pardon only on a recommendation by the state Board of Pardons and Paroles he is asking the board to recommend a pardon and to expedite his request in order to pardon Sgt. Daniel Perry.◈


◆However, despite this success in streaming, we continue to feel pressure from broader economic headwinds like many of our peers. To address this, our senior leaders in coordination with HR have been working together over the past few months to determine the optimal organization for the current and future needs of our business.♧RF2525B154K201KX145T▍"It's been a huge learning experience going from this pandemic and starting the organization," says Joshua Paredes, Odell's close friend and former roommate. "I knew there was going to be a need, but I'm pretty shocked at how much support my colleagues are really needing."↾1111Y2500511FQT➹The victim claimed that Thompson had "violently attacked her and left her bruised up" and remained "very fearful of the suspect," police wrote.⇜2DD1766R-13☊The 2022-2023 season was more than kind to Kansas State as its men's basketball team reached the Elite Eight during the NCAA Tournament, while the football team received an invitation to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, helping to bring in more than $70 million to the Big 12, the conference that Kansas State calls home.⇑

£"The racial discrimination that has plagued American society for centuries routinely shows up in algorithms that governments and private organizations put in place, even when those algorithms are intended to be race-neutral," said Wyden, calling the racial bias "completely unacceptable."➟VJ0201G104MXJCW1BC☜The Chinese military announced the start of three-day "combat readiness patrols" as a warning to Taiwanese who want to make the island's de facto independence permanent. The People's Liberation Army gave no indication whether they might include a repeat of previous exercises with missiles fired into the sea, which disrupted shipping and airline flights.❤


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