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TAJP475K016ANJ↡Kobos told NPR that after the WGA strike was announced, there was a period of confusion and concern among non-writing staff over their livelihoods for the duration.∷FMU-26S❤A Japanese company lost contact with its spacecraft moments before touchdown on the moon Wednesday, saying the mission had apparently failed.◀

⇓Adding to the criticism, Nelson argued Dominion should be allowed to question Fox employees about the Capitol riots as they are relevant to evidentiary issues, particularly why Fox chose to "pivot" its support away from Trump following the event.↣

◎But the book, “A Family History of the United States” by historian Benson Lossing, which Perry said he believes his grandfather-in-law checked out nearly 100 years ago, might have actually been part of the library’s original collection. It is the only one of its kind that the St. Helena Public Library knows of, dating to its early days as a subscription library, lending books for patrons to take home for a monthly fee.◑


¤A similar model of artist development achieved considerable success in Japan, with the most prominent example being NiziU.▣1808Y0630683KXT↗"I'm glad that I can teach my kids," she says, "that, hey, you can learn how to play the game."B37979N1471J000☼Data shows a 12% rise in fatal crashes involving at least one distracted driver, with 3,522 people killed. That prompted the agency to kick off a $5 million advertising campaign in an effort to keep drivers focused on the road. Agency officials said such cases likely are under-reported by police.⇄TEP106M016BRW◙Police say officers were dispatched to the H-E-B parking lot around 12:15 a.m. on Tuesday after reports of shots fired. While there, they received another call about a shooting victim about 2 miles away, and determined that the two incidents were related.↯

⊟The group and its supporters defend the PKK as a national liberation movement.♝SGW30N60FKSA1▇"Credit Suisse is not just a Swiss problem but a global one," he said.◄


⇒The flurry of traffic marked a key moment, says Hong Qu, a researcher of media and information sharing from Harvard University. The rush to discuss the bombings was the first time the mainstream public embraced Twitter — not just as a way to organize within communities, but to "broadcast information to the whole world," Qu told NPR.♥US1K-M3/61T✤The question to watch, he says, is whether the surge of worker power will last long enough to convince CEOs to change their tune.▭1825J1000271FCR➱Wednesday's tentative settlement, once finalized, would be the third time the U.S. government has paid out victims' families in the aftermath of a mass shooting. The government has also paid out victims from the 2018 shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla., and the 2015 shooting at a church in Charleston, S.C.➲1812J1000821GAR﹌In a diversity, equity and inclusion statement posted to its website, Anheuser-Busch says it is committed to a workplace and consumer base that is inclusive of all people "whatever our personal characteristics or social identities," including gender identity.♧

◀Like much of the past couple years since the Supreme Court swung conservative and Roe v. Wade was overturned, abortion providers have been consulting with lawyers and preparing for multiple scenarios.◢CZRV5243B-G▱Maybe the biggest development in this episode is that Kendall succumbs entirely to this world of nonsense. (If you want to imagine a word stronger than "nonsense" that I cannot use here, feel free.) He genuinely wanted to be a better person than his dad was. But here, he commits to a scheme of price-spiking that's dishonest, doomed in the long term, probably illegal, wacky in the extreme — and relatively likely to work in the short term precisely because of the irrational way this part of the marketplace works. It doesn't matter what's true, it only matters what people believe is true. Substance is nothing, appearances are everything.♗


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