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❈"There is this weird feedback loop of: politicians do things, they get in the news, and so the thing that they might want to be settled is just more talked about and so it is top of mind for voters and then becomes more problematic for them," Deen explained.¤

▶Significant gains for Iranian influence, as predicted by Emile and his analysts before the invasion.↯


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SR215E334MARAP4-90↩U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken called for calm on both sides and said he was "deeply concerned" about the reports of violence.◈8.85E+11⊟"Sitting at home doing nothing hurts me," he says. "So every day I fix something in this building."★


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CWR09KC106MC\TR▓Sunday's night show will feature a whole different range of acts including Dave Matthews, Sheryl Crow and Emmylou Harris.↶1808J1K00180GCT☜"I think that really helps to elevate her as a successful spokesperson for the administration and its policies," Erickson said.☠


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1206Y0160121KFT۰"We will support you for as long as necessary," he said, adding that it is up to Russia to end the war by withdrawing its troops.▐1812Y0160221KFR◥The Bible was displayed at locations around the world before the auction, according to Sotheby's. Sharon Liberman Mintz, a Judaica expert and senior consultant at the auction house, had the opportunity to study the Codex Sassoon for more than a year.▭

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