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◎Monday's commemoration includes a morning key note address from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, followed by an evening event that features an "immersive experience of the Nakba through live music, photos, videos, and personal testimonies." The events, held at U.N. headquarters in New York, will also be livestreamed.↩2220Y1K20680FCT▥Michel's attorney, David Kenner, has vowed to appeal. Earlier in the case, Kenner raised concerns about the jury selection process and some of the judge's rulings.【12061C562KAT4A•Gabino Iglesias is an author, book reviewer and professor living in Austin, Texas. Find him on Twitter at @Gabino_Iglesias.⇏SR010 B0G♬This isn't a school for students with hearing disabilities, but Mr. Steve uses ASL as part of a broader approach to minimize noise in the classroom. And it's noticeably quiet. No one is talking louder than what's often referred to in Montessori schools as "the hum."☎

♔That's raised some eyebrows, in large part because of Camilla and Charles' controversial relationship and the palace's previous stance on her position (more on all that below).▋C420C912J2G5TA♥The Dalai Lama has resided in the green, northern, hillside Indian city of Dharamshala since 1959, after an unsuccessful Tibetan uprising against Chinese occupation. Beijing still regards Tibetan Buddhists with suspicion and hostility.★

⇀Washington has adopted a number of measures in recent years that have taken aim at Chinese companies and industries, including sweeping export restrictions last fall on cutting-edge microchips and the gear to make them. Beijing says the moves are unfair and unjustified.♨

➲Chances appear to favor Pearson's return: Commissioner Erika Sugarmon told the Memphis Commercial Appeal that the former lawmaker has enough supporters sitting in the commission, which has a Democratic supermajority, to get him successfully reappointed.↙


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0805Y0503P60BQT✁The San Luis Valley in southern Colorado, which has hosted a wealth of research and innovation, is the ideal place to explore those questions — and potential solutions.↓VJ0603D1R9CLAAP●China's foreign ministry said in a statement following the meeting, "In response to the seriously erroneous acts of collusion between the United States and Taiwan, China will take resolute and effective measures to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity," the Agence France-Presse reported.♝


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1812Y5000222KDT■And while the comics began to take off across social media, Cooke says he's still continuing to learn about police violence — emphasizing that he's in no way trying to be a subject matter expert on this.◘0505J2000110KQT♤Like Nichols, all of the dismissed officers facing charges are Black.☞


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