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⊙At the onset of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the world witnessed a massive exodus of refugees from the country. Photos of exhausted, fearful women queuing at the country's western borders, clutching children, waiting to cross to safety, have become iconic in international coverage of the war.↺SCR105B-101☺But after beginning a personal meditation practice, Griffiths started asking different questions – inquiries that felt out of place in the world of science. Questions like, is there a god? Do we have a soul? And, can we use our minds to somehow alleviate our physical suffering?◣GJM0335C2A7R1BB01J➟CIA would ultimately support the administration's efforts to stabilize Iraq.♂CPH3247-TL-E➯Russian forces have been trying to capture the city for nine months, making Bakhmut the focus of the war's longest battle.⇖

∎"Well," Streett responded, "when a coworker quits would be an obvious example."◊1N5229B TR◙Allegations of sexual misconduct loom large at NBCUniversal. In 2020, Vice Chairman Ron Meyer was pushed out after disclosing that he had paid hush money to an actress with whom he had had an affair.


➳Parents Pride died last Saturday and Chasing Artie died on Tuesday. The causes are still unknown.↸M39003/01-7231⇎Move Forward has also championed marriage equality and an end to military conscription, two issues that resonate with younger voters, as well as its more controversial call for amendments to the controversial Lese Majeste laws that prohibit any criticism of the Thai monarchy.➜2225Y1K20561KXT✃"We take the data, and then instead of making it sound like it's coming out of a medical book," he says, "we translate it."✃SCIHP0718-1R0M▊The rival forces were fighting in several locations across Sudan, including the western Darfur region where tens of thousands of people live in camps for displaced people after years of genocidal civil war.↮

☆Following protesters' attacks on its installations, the military accused what it called "evil elements" of inciting the attacks and said protesters wanted to push Pakistan into "a civil war."⊙S0402-3N3F3E☊"It's hard to imagine a world without Martin Amis in it," said his U.K. editor Michal Shavit, in a statement shared with NPR. "He has been so important and formative for so many readers and writers over the last half century. Every time he published a new book it was an event. He will be remembered as one of the greatest writers of his time and his books will stand the test of time alongside some of his favourite writers: Saul Bellow, John Updike, and Vladimir Nabokov."⇉


◣They disembarked from their three-ton carriage at the Great West Door of Westminster Abbey, flanked by church officials and followed by a retinue of support staff dressed in red uniforms.⇨C1210X431J8HAC7800▱In anticipation of the talks, the two factions agreed to a week-long cease-fire, which started on Thursday.☚DTA143ECAT116▁South African journalist Zubeida Jaffer wrote a biography of Katie's sister Charlotte Manye Maxeke. Jaffer writes that the choir had arrived in a nation "steeped in imperial notions of superiority. Women were unable to vote, very few could attend university and most Britons had twisted notions about Africans."¤GRM1555C1HR50WZ01D▇"With its elegant, clear-glass bottle and crisp taste, Miller High Life has proudly worn the nickname 'The Champagne of Beers' for almost 120 years," Molson Coors Beverage Co. said in a statement to The Associated Press.▣

⇟"There is no water, and there is also no electricity and also no market. And all the humanitarian actors, especially the international community, have left," MSF coordinator Mohamed Gibreel Adam, who lives in the city of El Fasher in Darfur, told NPR on Thursday. People there have "a fear, lack of protection, like hopeless, the feeling that they were left alone in this kind of dire and very critical situation."↖HFI-100505-1N5S☈Abortion-rights activists and voters watched on a plaza in the capital of Raleigh as Gov. Roy Cooper affixed his veto stamp to the bill in an unconventionally public display. The veto launches a major test for leaders of the GOP-controlled General Assembly to attempt an override vote after they recently gained veto-proof majorities in both chambers. The bill was the Republican response to last year's U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.ⓔ


♧MARGARET BRENNAN: We're back now with Arizona Senator Mark Kelly. Senator, I know you just returned from Ukraine. So, I want to ask you about this news that we got confirmed, essentially this week, and these leaked Pentagon documents that estimate Ukraine will deplete their stock of anti-aircraft missiles within weeks. It's been widely reported how quickly they're going through ammunition. How concerned are you that this is going to give Russia the opportunity to have air superiority?☜C1812C272F5HAC7800☄In an interview last month, Heinerscheid, the first woman to lead Bud Light in the brand's 40-year history, said the beer brand was "in decline."⊞FK14X7R1E155KЮ"Despite the gains we've made, deaths are still way too high," Scarpino notes. They're currently hovering around 1,100 a week, according to CDC data. There have been 1.1 million COVID deaths in total in the U.S. to date.☞595D105X0050B8T❤According to her lawyers, she has been on the girls' track and field teams for the past three, going on four, sports seasons, "harming no one." Indeed, her lawyers say she was "welcomed by teammates and coaches" and "has not had any problems with children on other schools' teams."▂

◧Schumer has met with dozens of AI experts and for the last several weeks has been circulating a high-level framework outlining a new regulatory regime for AI.⇈CDR32BP102BFUS\M☣The Post’s reconstruction of what happened inside Robb Elementary last May 24 provides new details of key mistakes up and down the chain of command, starting at 11:31 a.m., when the first officer arrived at the school.♩


▪"The effort was certainly not without days of pain, hardship, or bloodshed," Kirby said Thursday. "But neither was it without courage or poise or professionalism. For all the lessons that we take away, we should remember that over 20 years of war, and in its final days, these men and women saw things and did things and carry things with them that you and I will never fathom. We must make sure that they and their families know that their service mattered. We must make sure they get the help and the support that they need. We must make sure that their legacy is never forgotten. They ended our nation's longest war. That was never going to be an easy thing to do."✯GCM21BR71E394MA37L⇖The race shattered the previous national record for spending in a state Supreme Court race. According to the Brennan Center for Justice, the old record of $15.2 million was set in a 2004 race for the Illinois Supreme Court. According to the center's tracking, nearly $29 million had been spent on political ads in Wisconsin's race. Another running tally by the Wisconsin political news site WisPolitics found total spending on the race had hit $45 million.★NTJD4401NT1G⊠Later in the day, officials at the Matamoros-Brownsville crossing began allowing 50 people per day to cross legally and seek asylum.✂1539M04♀"Security saw a disagreement between a Black man and a white woman and immediately assumed that I was at fault," he added.º

☻Missouri Democratic Rep. Cori Bush has introduced new legislation calling for $14 trillion in reparations for Black Americans, in an effort to see the federal government atone for the practice of chattel slavery and hundreds of years of racist policies that followed.↫VJ7175A150FXXAC31↷Indeed, study after study over decades has shown that the workplace can impose an unfair weight penalty on women who are seen as overweight or obese.▐

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