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C324C333K5G5TA7301◁On Friday, the Sudanese army and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) agreed to extend a ceasefire for another 72 hours. Despite the supposed pause, heavy fighting has been reported in Khartoum and the western region of Darfur. The true death toll is likely to be much higher as civilians struggle to find health facilities.↛HDB208LS▩Many of his titles, including the debut novel he wrote while working as an editorial assistant at The Times Literary Supplement, 1973's The Rachel Papers, were adapted for the screen. The film version of his 2014 novel The Zone of Interest premiered only Friday at the Cannes Film Festival to rave reviews.☣


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GA0603A181FXBAP31G¤At the time, airlines were understaffed. The airlines took $54 billion in taxpayer money to keep employees on the job through the pandemic, but they reduced workers anyway by paying them incentives to quit.↑4302R-182K◆"This is a dreadful human tragedy," Albanese said. "I expressed my condolences on behalf of Australia to our friends in New Zealand at this very difficult time."▦

♂"He said that he could not bear to live anymore and that he was going to take his own life. It was heartbreaking listening to his situation," recalls Desai.◦

♨Elliott and her team found that the critical ingredient of distraction is sound that changes in some noticeable way. "It could be music with lyrics," she says. "Music with lyrics is more distracting than music without lyrics."➱


☜Take the words of another Republican representative caught on the tape, Scott Cepicky. "I've been called a racist, a misogynist, a white supremacist more in the last two months in my life, than I have in my entire life," he says.◙PZU24DB2,115☃President and CEO of GLAAD Sarah Kate Ellis echoed that approval in a statement, saying "The FDA's decision to follow science and issue new recommendations for all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation, who selflessly donate blood to help save lives, signals the beginning of the end of a dark and discriminatory past rooted in fear and homophobia,"✃CLS4D23B-2R2NC웃Xi made the call to Zelenskyy after weeks of intensifying pressure from Western leaders to use his influence with Putin to broker a deal toward ending the war in Ukraine, which began with Russia's invasion in late February 2022.CDR35BP203AKUM-ZANAA♔And they transformed the entire K-pop industry in their wake.❥

☇As Orlov recovers, Wasserson's efforts to help Ukrainians escape the war continue. U.S. Rep. Susan Wild, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, recently honored Wasserson at the U.S. House of Representatives.◀GJM0335C2A2R6CB01D▅Among Chipotle's complaints were that Sweetgreen's menu item features similar ingredients to its own, and that Sweetgreen makes "prominent use "of the famous Chipotle trademark in various marketing channels, as well as a font "near identical to Chipotle's stylized logo." The lawsuit also claimed Sweetgreen's advertisements feature "a background that is nearly identical to Chipotle's trademarked" Adobo Red color — all with the goal of creating a false association with Chipotle.º


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