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✌Among those who rose to the defense of both Manning and Snowden was Ellsberg himself, now an aging icon of the political left and still the most famous whistleblower in U.S. history.⊕

✆Paora was hatched at Zoo Miami in 2019. Kiwis in captivity are “extremely rare,” according to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute.◐


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1944R-09G➣Olga can't look to the past — she recently learned that her family house in Avdiivka was destroyed in fighting. Others who still have a place to return to face an uneasy choice between safety and home. Many choose the latter or vacillate, setting themselves up for repeated displacement.☎1812J0100473KXR▪Fortas was first named to the court in 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson, whom he helped in a contested Senate election in Texas in 1948. While Fortas was considered a legendary legal intellect of his time, his close relationship with Johnson soon came under scrutiny.❤


↪"It's alarming to think that toxic pollutants from coal plants can build up in places like Lake Michigan,'' where many Americans camp and swim during the summer, "and where people fish to feed their families,'' Bender said. "Our kids deserve to live and play in a healthy, safe environment, and our leaders must do everything in their power to make that a reality."♀2220Y2500680KFR✆"I didn't think of the possibility of poisoning and was certain that I just needed to see a dentist urgently," she wrote.☂TBJE156K050LRSB0H45▩But some of the same polling that shows Trump dominating among Republican primary voters shows a clear majority of voters overall do not want him back in the White House. The NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist Poll released in April even found that to be the view of 68% of independents, a large and growing group.▥2220Y5000560GCR▨"K-pop exports hit a new high last year," says Kim Jin-woo, the head researcher at Circle Chart, one of the most influential Korean popular music charts. "But nevertheless, there are signs of slowdown."↭

✃Scholars from the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands recently analyzed the paintings and in June, they will go on tour in New York and Amsterdam before being auctioned during Christie's Classic Week starting July 1.⇪NLV32T-R33J-EFDºThe March affidavit states that Thompson had beat the victim, a woman pregnant with his child, several times throughout their relationship, including trying to strangle her and leaving her with a black eye.◑


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1210Y0160222FFR◑The uncrewed spacecraft, which SpaceX says could one day facilitate multi-planetary life, thundered off the launch pad for what had been expected to be a 90-minute trip around the Earth before a splashdown near Hawaii.❦20TQ045♀The judge handling the unusual and historic case is Juan Manuel Merchan, a veteran of the New York court system who has spent more than 15 years on the bench and is no stranger to high-profile prosecutions — particularly those involving Trump and his associates.¤

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