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↟The burning debris was too hot for dogs in the firefighters' canine team to work until Sunday afternoon, and smoke still bothered them, Laurens said.♠


◙“The beauty industry has for a pretty long time been feeding us this messaging about beauty products being some sort of solution to stress, or an act of self-care and wellness,” DeFino said. “The specificity of this example, equating the trauma of a shooting with a Bioré product, was really jarring.”▒C333C333G5G5TA♢David Martin, Eleanor Watson and Margaret Brennan contributed reporting.⇌1825Y0630333GCT▐Late last year, Disney+ increased the price of its ad-free service from $7.99 to $10.99. Rick Munarriz, an analyst with The Motley Fool, says that's "just three bucks, but it's still a sizable 38% jump." Today, Iger said they're planning another price hike. Munarriz thinks offering less new content while increasing prices could be a "risky" business move for Disney. "It's going to take a lot of pixie dust to make that delicate balance fly," he tells NPR.➫M39003/01-3181H♠The attack the West Bank came just as tens of thousands of Palestinians were pouring into Al-Aqsa for midday Friday prayers.§

✡A glance at sunlight through a leaf, or dew on the grass will send me a charge of energy that lifts my spirit. I am in my 50s now, and have learned how to rebalance, to hit the reset button when patterns became unsustainable. I garden, and learned that life is very much like gardening. That pain, like dirt, is invaluable to growth. That insect pests and garden weeds, like illnesses and bad choices, are things to look out for, to understand and to manage. We can't keep them out completely and simple routines work well enough. -June Pham, Sacramento, Calif.♀T491C686M010ZTZ012⇉Under the new law, health professionals who provide care banned by the measure could have their medical licenses suspended for at least a year. They could also be sued in the 25 years following a banned procedure if a patient suffers physical, psychological, emotional or physiological harm. Physicians could not hold malpractice insurance against such lawsuits. The law also prohibits public property and employees from being involved in gender-affirming treatment.▒

◎Graves told reporters on Capitol Hill on Friday that the team "reengaged" at McCarthy's direction.⇑

♤In New York state, where 55 school districts and 12 high schools on Long Island have Native American-themed logos and mascots, the state's Board of Regents voted Tuesday that they must be retired by 2025 unless schools get approval from a recognized Native American tribe to keep them. Schools that don't comply risk losing their state funding.◎

ⓛHe was taken into custody "without incident" in Montgomery County, Texas, on Tuesday evening, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said.♧

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