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⇔He said at the time that the Packers also wanted "to move on and have let me know that in so many words."¤1812Y1000223MXRE03〓In her fourth collection of essays, Quietly Hostile, the bestselling author and television writer renews her love/hate vows with the human race — as well as her relationship with her own flaws and failings. By her own admission, she's lousy with money, she sounds like an idiot on podcasts, and she is more apt to down a six-pack of Diet Coke on any given day before she touches a glass of water. Luckily for the reader, she never wallows in loathing, self- or otherwise. Instead, she lets us all in on the joke. And what a joke it is.☀1PMT5921BT1◥Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison acknowledged the ordeal Stallings was forced to endure, as well as what he called an "unjust" trial and time in jail. But he also said Stetson's acknowledgement of wrongdoing is historic.♣T491A475M006ZT▧Cara Tabachnick contributed to this report.✙

⇚LAHORE, Pakistan – Abuzar Madhu sits by the Ravi, a storied river that begins in the Himalayas of northern India and crosses into Pakistan. Madhu, an artist and environmental activist, embraces an ancient South Asian tradition of river worship. "She's a mother," Madhu says. "She's also a God."▐CD70-B2GA101KYNKA➙But on Wednesday, Trump — a frontrunner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination — urged otherwise during a live town hall broadcast on CNN.⇃

↯Wiseman and Glover both have taken flights to the International Space Station, and were both captains in the U.S. Navy. Koch was an engineer and a scientific field worker before becoming an astronaut, and her 328-day stint in space set a record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman. Hansen, an astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency, served as a fighter pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force.❄


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C1206X823G5JAC7800▦Patrick Murray, legislative director for the VFW says it's uncharted territory for veterans.☀CKR06BX334KRVTR1♐"Any stray pieces are expected in the North Carolina area but could wash ashore in (North Myrtle Beach)," police wrote. "If a piece is located please contact your local law enforcement agency for collection."◙


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0805J2000101KFR▒Without a Democratic challenger, Biden is banking on the 2024 election once again becoming a second referendum on what he's taken to calling "MAGA extremists."☾B82144B1682K⊙When Walgreens this year announced its intention to dispense abortion medication in its retail stores, Republican attorneys general banded together to threaten legal action, prompting the company to rescind its decision in red states.▎


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CDR01BP181BJUR\M250♂Groups opposed to abortion rights are trying to overturn the FDA's decades-old approval of the abortion pill mifepristone and do away with the recent rule changes that have made the pills more available.▨TPSC686K006H0150卍The Russians have advanced in distances measured in feet. But the cost in human lives has mounted precipitously — on both sides.❒

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