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M39006/31-0215Mitsotakis, a Harvard-educated former banking executive, came to power in 2019 on a promise of business-oriented reforms and has vowed to continue tax cuts, boost investments and bolster middle-class employment.▐0603J0250560GCT۰One day, lying in bed in severe pain, he could hear children playing soccer in the distance.▐


"We were able to find out some of these websites spoofed or purported to be or looked like legitimate local news websites," she said. Larson also said what those sites had in common was often either stolen or closely copied language from local news, very little information about the publication or its employees, and a focus on tragic, attention-grabbing news across the country.の0603Y0160104KDT⇖A 47-year-old man was working on his boat in St. Maarten in December when the weather suddenly churned and he drifted out to sea. He soon became lost and now, weeks later has been found off the coast of Colombia — with only ketchup and seasonings helping to keep him nourished.☈C318C182J3G5TA▅Carvana promoted itself as a new and innovative way to shop for a car. What if you took that idea and made it work for adopting a pet?✁PSMN8R7-80BS,118▼His answer is encouraging:▀

◩"Gregg's battalion helped expand Cam Ranh Bay into the Army's largest supply depot and a critical part of the theater logistics network," said Maj. Gen. Mark Simerly, the post's commanding officer, at Thursday's ceremony. "At the same time, Gregg and his team reorganized a broken tactical supply system and dramatically improved its speed and responsiveness."↯1210J2000681KFT☆After McCarthy's speech, Schumer dismissed the proposal as unserious, telling reporters on Capitol Hill, "What we got today was not a plan, it was a recycled pile of the same things he's been saying for months. None of which has moved the ball forward an inch."▤

§During their search warrant, police said they also found a cell phone on Kemp's person. Upon searching the phone, police found that Kemp sent a text message saying he had his phone back and another one saying "I'm about to shoot this mf" 13 minutes before he arrived at the mall, police said.♥


➨Japan asserts territorial rights to the Kuril Islands, which it calls the Northern Territories. The Soviet Union took them in the final days of World War II, and the dispute has kept the countries from signing a peace treaty formally ending their hostilities.⊿S1812-823J↑Rivers' death brought condolences from U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter, Savannah Mayor Van Johnson and others. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said Rivers "led a life of accomplishment and chose to spend much of that life serving the people of his community."❁CDRH8D38/ANP-390MCM✦The rapper, born Earl Stevens, Jr., said in a statement to NPR that he was subjected to "disrespectful heckling" during Saturday's playoff game and addressed one heckler in an "assertive but polite" manner before being ordered to leave the Golden 1 Center arena by security guards.▼C1210X333KFRACAUTO▪"Recent investigative reporting has identified multiple instances in which you or entities you own or control have made payments, purchased real estate, or provided gifts, travel, or other items of value to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and members of his family," Senate Judiciary Democrats said in their May 8th letter to Crow.➢

→University of Shizuoka professor Hiroshi Tsutomi told the newspaper the youths "apparently feared their ringleader more than the threat of arrest." Rising poverty coupled with the ease of online recruiting, he said, was making young people easy marks to serve as "disposable" tools for experienced organized crime groups.⇗C0402C120C5GAC7867➸Israel qualified for the tournament by reaching the semifinals of the Under-19 European Championship. The team went on to lose to England in that final.♦


▏"We're living through one of the most consequential eras of our history with fundamental questions about the stake for our nation," he told the crowd at Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. "Who are we? What do we stand for? What do we believe? Who will we be? You're going to help answer those questions."⇥2220J3K00270FCT☚Many people in the U.S. with origins in Lebanon, Iran, Egypt and other countries in the Middle East or North Africa do not identify as white people, and advocates for Arab Americans and other MENA groups have spent decades pushing for a checkbox of their own on the census and other forms.♣SMBJ4729C/TR13➢DMC says hip-hop has been in that important business of translation for years.∷VJ0805D511MLBAT▥Navigators, who help people sign up for health insurance for free thanks to federal grants, have extra funding this year to help people who find themselves without Medicaid coverage. (Navigators strongly suggest Medicaid enrollees make sure their contact information is up to date with their state Medicaid office so they don't miss a notice about their coverage.)◙

↾It was phony populism, insisted commentators such as Paul Krugman and others. Historian Julian Zelizer argued at the time that Trump was not really a populist but his "conservative populist rhetoric" was nonetheless a hit with many of the voters he targeted.C0805X431M3HACAUTO▩At the Skoll World Forum, rapper Sister Fa pointed to the human rights issues of female genital mutilation and child marriage in her country of Senegal. She said most people didn't like discussing these subjects — publicly. So she turned to hip-hop "to build a better world." She said, "I decided to use my voice, to use my music to talk and to try to break the taboos around this practice."┱


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