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◇Shealy had voted for the six-week ban this year when it failed to pass but said she has since changed her mind and voted against it Tuesday.☢TBME227K016LBSZ0H00NHK public television earlier said the helicopter disappeared from radar about an hour after it departed from Miyako island and about half an hour before its scheduled return.➛LHL08NB102J✿By all accounts, Ike was excessively cruel toward Tina, both personally and professionally. "Looking back, I realize that my relationship with Ike was doomed the day he figured out that I was going to be his meal ticket, his moneymaker," Turner wrote in My Love Story. She then described how she was a last-minute replacement to sing on "A Fool In Love" — which became the duo's first hit, reaching No. 2 on the R&B charts in 1960 — and was impressive enough that a label head told Ike to make Tina the group's centerpiece. "What went through Ike's head when he heard that advice?" she continued. "He had to find a way to protect his interests, and that's when the trouble began."♚0603J0160561GFT▨Such targeted killings are rare, and in the past, Palestinian militant groups have retaliated with intense barrages of rocket fire.✃

▭Former President Donald Trump, former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson are among the Republicans who've already announced their bid for the GOP ticket.⇚C1206X223K8JACAUTO◦The injured deputy was transported to a hospital where he was stabilized.▥


↸But these new policies are being litigated in the courts. A group of states led by Texas is challenging the parole program.☝C0402C120M4HAC7867웃Georgia lawmakers declined to add the $4 million to replace the equipment and many of Raffensperger's other requests in either budget approved this legislative session.☌SR211A101KAATR1»She says the law goes hand-in-hand with a push to get Native American history included in school curricula. Lekanoff calls it a "win-win" for both the schools and the tribes, "because to know the history of the people whose lands you live upon would just strengthen the relationship and the understanding and the respect of the first Washingtonians."♣BZX584C4V7-V-G-08♪Tuesday's ruling means Gershkovich will remain in pretrial detention in Moscow's Lefortovo prison until at least Aug. 30.⇪

▥Even the doll's pink necklace has special meaning. Its three upward chevrons are meant to represent "the three copies of the 21st chromosome, which is the genetic material that causes the characteristics associated with Down syndrome," according to the organization.유1210Y0630151GCT◈Before long, he said, he was writing eight or nine songs a day, explaining: "When inspiration hits, you get excited and it just comes out."▋

⇀Hundreds of businesses and medical professionals signed letters warning that both the abortion ban and the trans health restrictions would prompt corporations and doctors to leave the state. A letter submitted Friday and signed by more than 1,200 Nebraska medical professionals called the bill "a direct attack on the medical community of our state."º


▒While NRC worked with local authorities to negotiate certain exemptions for women in some localities, about a third of their staff and several key projects that work directly within vulnerable communities in displacement camps remain in a limbo.➳GA1210A221FBLAR31G웃"We need a president who persuades not just our friends and our base," he told supporters in his hometown. "We have to have a compassion for people who don't agree with us. We have to believe that our ideas are so strong and so powerful and so persuasive that we can actually take it to the highest points in the world and be successful but we also have to be able to take it all the way down to places that today are hopeless and prove that who we are works for all Americans."▔2225J2000182GFT✌The Justice Department announced charges Friday against more than two dozen people including three sons of the drug kingpin Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán and other members of the notorious Sinaloa cartel. The crackdown is part of a far-reaching fentanyl trafficking investigation.♗0805Y1000270JAR£"Any push to ban natural gas would raise costs to consumers, jeopardize environmental progress and deny affordable energy to underserved populations," Harbert said.▦

↲Ortiz added that the record number of apprehensions — upwards of 17,000 per day — are not likely to materialize after Thursday night. He explained that only five of the nine southwest Border Patrol sectors are over 125% capacity, meaning the other four are not. The Rio Grande Valley and El Paso in Texas, and Tucson, Ariz., appear to be the most crowded.▄CDR31BP2R7BBSM▣"Terror attacks continue to target Jews around the world even when they are gathered in prayer, as we know from countless experiences over the years including at this very synagogue," EJC President Ariel Muzicant said in a statement.◘


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1812Y0630334MDR█Potential jurors could face questions about their feelings about Trump, whether they have followed news of his criminal indictment, thoughts about his social media presence and whether the #MeToo movement has "impacted" their lives.☣C0805X629B1HACAUTO■The group and its supporters defend the PKK as a national liberation movement.➢

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