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CDR31BP680BFSS\M500√In February 2022, the BIA announced more than two dozen reforms aimed at "protecting the rights, dignity and safety of those in custody." The proposed changes included beefing up staff training, improving recruitment and retention, and doing better "interagency coordination with federal partners" to guarantee that inmates are safe and hold correctional officers accountable.▨C330C104KDR5TA◐After the verdict was read, Carroll left the courthouse accompanied by her lawyer Roberta Kaplan, who said, "We're very happy." Carroll did not speak to reporters, but she smiled as she departed.➧

▬She said China, as the world's biggest bilateral creditor nation, needs to work with the U.S. and others to participate in "meaningful debt relief." For too long, she said, "it has not moved in a comprehensive and timely manner. It has served as a roadblock to necessary action."♀

∷In the past, Mattel's Barbie has been criticized for spreading unrealistic beauty standards for the children who play with the doll. In recent years, the company has moved to deviate from that reputation by offering more diverse dolls. It started making Barbie and Ken dolls with wheelchairs, vitiligo, hearing aids, and prosthetic limbs. The company unveiled its "most diverse doll line" in its 2023 Fashionistas lineup, which includes the doll with Down syndrome.☻


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1879063-7→"We are indeed troubled by this," Daniella Pierre, president of the Miami-Dade branch of the NAACP, told NPR on Wednesday, noting that one person's complaint prompted the change.▶DST1045S-AのThe state has drawn the attention of advocates on both sides of the abortion fight, emblematic of some of the pushback to strict bans passing in recent years in conservative-leaning states across the country. Hard-line conservatives have pushed states to restrict most abortions, while some GOP lawmakers have resisted near-total bans, a reaction some in the party say to the sustained political backlash since the nation’s highest court overturned Roe.⊿

✆Impending local meetings could pave the way for former Reps. Justin Jones of Nashville and Justin Pearson of Memphis to return to their posts in the Tennessee state legislature, at least temporarily.☞


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