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➥When asked why attempted murder or hate crime charges weren't pursued against Lester, Thompson said his office chose the charges that held highest level of possible prison time for the shooter.☇PMEM4010ND,115⇅NEW YORK — An electric bicycle powered by a lithium ion battery is being blamed for a fatal fire on Monday in New York City that killed two youths, marking the latest in a string of e-bike-related fires in the city.⇊0603J0630181GAT➡Fighting raged around the military's headquarters throughout the day. "Heavy explosions and gunfire around the clock," said Amany Sayed, a 38-year-old Khartoum resident. "The battles here (in the capital) never stopped."⇕RHE5G2A181J0A2H03B↓"Remember it only takes a moment to change your life forever," said Sophie Shulman, NHTSA deputy administrator.◦

↓And now he's earned a graduate degree from the University of Oklahoma.◥CWR11HK475KCA⊞However, it was during this process that she received an email from her current agent stating she was denied coverage.⚘


➹Not all state legislatures are pivoting against harm reduction measures.◙0805Y0501P90CQT↚The American Association of People with Disabilities applauded the move, with President and CEO Maria Town telling NPR in an email that it "brings us closer to embracing that disabled people are everywhere."☾M39014/01-1305⊿This is perhaps Merchan's most noteworthy case yet, as it's the first time that a former U.S. president has ever been charged with a crime.①1812Y0160684KXT⇡My Unsung Hero is also a podcast — new episodes are released every Tuesday. To share the story of your unsung hero with the Hidden Brain team, record a voice memo on your phone and send it to [email protected].❂

ⓔElena, Yulia and Nikita found a new home in Poland. But this proved to be only the beginning of a new struggle.☁KSD471A-O-BP☭Grant said no prison sentence for Rush would bring back Cox — her daughter will never get another phone call from her dad, who always ended with, “I’ll see you later, alligator.”웃

▭Still, she worries about the possible worsening of her diabetes and the financial stress of daily life.⇦

⋄He wanted her to fit in to get ahead. She doesn't remember if she gave up her dresses and bought a slew of suits.ⓔ


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1025-86F☢Wednesday’s vote arrives as the Biden administration is contending with legal challenges to the ongoing payment pause. While the moratorium was first implemented and extended because of economic upheaval caused by the pandemic, the Biden administration in November also cited the legal challenges to the forgiveness plan when it announced a new extension.↝VJ0805A152MXAMT☀In a 2012 interview with NPR's Weekend Edition, Amis shared his discomfort with being famous.▃

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