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CDR05BX104BKWS▫"When I saw the doll I felt so emotional, and proud. It means a lot to me that children will be able to play with the doll and learn that everyone is different. I am proud that Barbie chose me to show the dolls to the world," she wrote on Instagram. "Diversity is important as people need to see more people like me out there in the world and not be hidden away, Barbie will help make this happen."❈BYM07-100-E3/98▂And what if you test positive and have risks: say, you're older, immunocompromised or have underlying health conditions such as obesity, heart disease, a compromised immune system or diabetes. Don't just figure you can beat it on your own. Reach out to your doctor right away, says Dr. Aaron Glatt, chair of medicine at Mount Sinai South Nassau in Oceanside, N.Y., and spokesperson for the Infectious Diseases Society of America. "There are effective treatments available for high-risk infected individuals that are underutilized. You may be a candidate, which could reduce your possibility of progressing to severe disease."➶

☾Before long, he said, he was writing eight or nine songs a day, explaining: "When inspiration hits, you get excited and it just comes out."➽


↧The hearing made clear a code of conduct will not be a bipartisan congressional effort, as a partisan divide drove Tuesday's meeting.➪GRM1885C2A3R0CZ01D➹Officers joked about Baldwin's claims that they beat him on his backside, and about the department using deadly force. "But we kill more Mexicans than anything else. So Blacks can feel safe," one officer texted. "Sorry. Reverse that," he followed up a minute later.✌GA1210Y223MXBAT31G♂The Klamath River fall-run Chinook salmon were declared overfished in 2018. According to federal researchers, the Sacramento River fall Chinook salmon are also approaching an overfished condition.◀VJ0805Q181JXBACדI don’t know why my therapist or docs didn’t tell [me] that Biore pore strips could have helped heal the bullet wound on my stomach, or my anxiety after being shot, or my fear of loud noises, or stop my nightmares, or help me feel ok at school. Firing them and buying in bulk!” tweeted Mia Tretta, a gun control activist who was injured in a shooting at California’s Saugus High School.۰

⊡"The extraordinary effort behind this discovery speaks for the enduring truth of Australia's solemn national promise to always remember and honour those who served our country," Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said. "This is the heart and the spirit of Lest We Forget."★SA101A221JARN◙"When I entered the portal, a lot of people, a lot of fans would come and tag my page and say, 'He's leaving because of NIL.' But at the end of the day, I have bigger goals than a few thousand dollars that I can make in college. I'm trying to make it to the next level," he said.☭


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D123M33Z5UH65L2R◈Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat, says he ordered the Washington Department of Corrections to use its pharmacy license to buy 30,000 doses of mifepristone, an estimated three-year supply for patients in Washington state. The pills were received on March 31.⇧2225Y2500273FCT▒Officials said another tornado touched down Tuesday morning in the western Illinois community of Colona. Local news reports showed wind damage to some businesses there.→


✲Three more live-action Star Wars films are on the way, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy announced Friday.⊙1812Y1K00101KAT♀The council added that it worked with US federal investigators who took a blood sample but the lab results had failed to detect toxic compounds.➡CWR11DB156KC✃South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol instructed officials to deploy "all available equipment and personnel" to swiftly extinguish the wildfire and evacuate residents to prevent the loss of life.▷RCH875NP-470K▅In response, one Fox attorney called Murdoch's position with the network "honorific," and said the role had been disclosed during a previous deposition. But Davis was not pacified. He said an officer of a company cannot "escape responsibility" by saying they didn't have any tasks.✲

↫O'Leary at GPEI says that they fully support rolling polio into routine childhood health programs in places where the health-care systems have the capacity to do it. The problem is that there are still places in the world where that isn't possible. And polio finds those places. It settles in. It multiplies.⇎1206Y1K00122JXR❤NASA astronomer Henry Throop was among those at Exmouth cheering loudly in the darkness.♡

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