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✍Of course, the current environment of intense political polarization extends beyond Tennessee. So, could majorities in other state legislatures follow suit, and expel politicians with whom they can't agree?▭


⇉"Right now, it's sort of like the wild, wild west," she said, where lawyers can say, "'Well, let's run this up the flagpole and see what we can do with it.'"◑C0805X682F5GECAUTO7210⇂Eig says he realized the interview's original transcript didn't contain the widely cited quote as he was reading through archives at Duke University while researching his book, King: A Life, which comes out on Tuesday. (Eig spoke with NPR's Steve Inskeep about the new biography.)▲CDR31BP330BFZRAT⇗Khan's arrest has triggered protests across the country, including unprecedented civilian attacks on installations belonging to the police and army, the country's most powerful institution. Protesters broke down a gate leading to the army's main headquarters, and set fire to a corps commander's house in Lahore.◨MA0402XR682J160⇥"He didn't even bother to show up here in person," Kaplan said, referring to Trump's absence from the proceedings in federal court. She told jurors that much of what he said in his deposition and in public statements "actually supports our side of the case."▯

↔Nashville Christian School told NPR in a statement that it "has established dress requirements for daily school attendance and at our special events. All students and families are aware of and sign an agreement to these guidelines when they enroll."◙BZD27C150PHRTG↕"It's time for the Montana Supreme Court to take up the Armstrong case, take another look at it, and reverse it," Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen said at a January anti-abortion rally in the Montana Capitol. "It is garbage law and it needs to go."×

∎A few months after the visit with Daniel's family, Aurora is at school, sitting with two other girls on the blue foam carpet in the first-grade classroom. She wears her white and navy blue school uniform. Her long blond hair is pinned up with a red Minnie Mouse bow.♧


♠While his sister's home held up, the area reeked of gas because a propane unit was damaged.ˍ0402R-11NJ✆Kishida's trip to Seoul drew intense public attention in South Korea, where many people still harbor resentment over Japan's colonial occupation.★2220J0500155KDR⊞James now aims to test 1,000 private wells in the valley to explore the connections between drought, water quality, and health. So far, she said, a small proportion of wells show elevated levels of heavy metals, including arsenic, uranium, tungsten, and manganese, which occur naturally in the soil. Unlike public water supplies, private domestic wells are not regulated, and they may go untested for years. James is offering participants free water testing and consultation on the results.☇C0603C471K5RAC↣Despite the company and busy schedules, Dituri does long for one thing: sunlight.✲

❃POWELL: I cannot tell you everything that we know, but what I can share with you, when combined with what all of us have learned over the years, is deeply troubling. The facts and Iraqis' behavior, Iraq's behavior, demonstrate that Saddam Hussein and his regime have made no effort, no effort, to disarm, as required by the international community.↓K221K15C0GF53L2◆"Gregg's battalion helped expand Cam Ranh Bay into the Army's largest supply depot and a critical part of the theater logistics network," said Maj. Gen. Mark Simerly, the post's commanding officer, at Thursday's ceremony. "At the same time, Gregg and his team reorganized a broken tactical supply system and dramatically improved its speed and responsiveness."➟

ぃThe sale of vaping products in retail stores is legal and regulated in the U.S., which has also seen an increase in vaping rates among teens.↢


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