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➸Police later found the suspect hiding at a nearby gas station suffering from injuries consistent with being hit by a slingshot.〓2225J5K00561KCT卐And Jeff Schneider, the superintendent of Hastings Public Schools in Nebraska, also wrote on March 2 in a statement that a caller "identified themselves as a teacher in a specific room" and that "the 9-1-1 center was immediately suspicious as the name of the teacher and the room number do not exist."☜1210J2K00101JCT↯He called for a moratorium on new licenses for all weapons in the next two years, a review of all current licenses, longer prison sentences for those who break the rules and "fierce" punishment for anyone with illegal weapons. But first police will offer an amnesty to encourage people to hand over illegal guns — an action that has had limited success in the past.↵1808SC151MATME▍Construction and music have been creative outlets for Renner, who is best known for playing the superhero Hawkeye in the Marvel "Avengers" films and his own spin-off TV series.◁

◁"Families waited years for news of their missing loved ones, before learning of the tragic outcome of the sinking," said Silentworld director John Mullen. "Some never fully came to accept that their loved ones were among the victims. Today, by finding the vessel, we hope to bring closure to the many families devastated by this terrible disaster."❦VJ0603Y121MXQCW1BC⊙Mitchell told the BBC that the government was doing "intense planning" for "a series of possible evacuations."◦


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1825J0160103GCR☼Tsvyk said the last thing she remembered before passing out was seeing Nasyrova walking around her room.↖SR201A472KAATR1♨Kirsch has a tendency to offer large sums of money to anyone willing to debate his assertions.▲


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1825J5K00680KCR☞Stephenson saw an early version of the model, when Atlantic Productions brought him on to consult on its validity. So did Ken Marschall, the maritime artist known for his Titanic paintings.▩GA1210A821GBBAR31G◘"I could not be more excited to be a partner in the proposed new ownership group for the Washington Commanders," Johnson tweeted. "Josh Harris has assembled an amazing group who share a commitment to not only doing great things on the field but to making a real impact in the (Washington-area) community. I'm so excited to get to work on executing our vision for the Commanders and our loyal fanbase."✙

☀NPR reporter Barbara Sprunt contributed to this report.↘

☆Mukamma, now in her 50s, still fears the water. She remembers what kept her going in her early days as a seaweed diver when she was a girl of 10: She'd think of her family when she was underwater and how they would benefit from the extra income, the joy that would give them. Those happy thoughts, she recalls, would take some of the terror away.☁

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