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→Peña celebrated a showing that would make him Paraguay's president on Aug. 15 while waiting for an official declaration of final results.✿


▉A glance at sunlight through a leaf, or dew on the grass will send me a charge of energy that lifts my spirit. I am in my 50s now, and have learned how to rebalance, to hit the reset button when patterns became unsustainable. I garden, and learned that life is very much like gardening. That pain, like dirt, is invaluable to growth. That insect pests and garden weeds, like illnesses and bad choices, are things to look out for, to understand and to manage. We can't keep them out completely and simple routines work well enough. -June Pham, Sacramento, Calif.♪04023U1R5BAQ2A➣The incident occurred around 12:15 p.m. local time in DeSoto, a village near the border of Wisconsin and Iowa. Two of the three train engines, as well as 10 cars, went off track to some degree, she said.⇡C1206X822K4HACAUTO〓An H-E-B manager saw the suspect "shoot at the vehicle multiple times" before fleeing the area, according to an affidavit seen by ABC13. Elgin police say they worked "through the night" to identify and track him down.♣1206J0160183KCR♟“Our politicians have completely failed us at every turn,” she added. “And so it makes sense that someone who is traumatized, dealing with violence and not offered any sort of real solutions would turn to what they feel they can control.”➲

↔He also captured the bark:▀5022R-434J↪The first three chapters of the online cookbook are titled: "You're Toasted," "You're Smashed," and "You're Wasted."▫


⇢Some are dated to late February or early March and appear to be part of a slide deck produced daily for top U.S. military and other national security officials.◀0603J063P560DFR▷Paris — French energy group EDF has reported discovering a significant new crack in a cooling pipe at a nuclear power plant on the Channel coast, in the latest such incident to plague the energy sector. The group has been beset by maintenance problems at its ageing park of reactors over the last year that have forced it to take more than a dozen of them offline for checks and emergency repairs.♠VJ0805Y124KLAAJ32☼On the purpose behind his doula work, and training other abortion doulas:↿GRM0225C1E3R2BDAEL▫"We support rail, but we support rail if they're doing all their best to mitigate their emissions," Andasan said.큐

♧The second instance took place in June of 2016 when Karen McDougal, a former Playboy playmate, alleged that she had an affair with Trump while he was married. Trump, his former lawyer Michael Cohen and AMI's CEO David Pecker "had a series of discussions about who should pay off [MacDougal] to secure her silence," prosecutors say.✯0603J0250561JDR☈The bloody conflicts cited by Francis contrasted with a riot of bright colors lent by orange-red tulips, yellow sprays of forsythia and daffodils, hyacinths and other colorful seasonal flowers that decorated St. Peter's Square. The blooms were trucked in trucks from the Netherlands.➳


✄He stepped onto the field, adjusting his batting gloves, and paused to hear the crowd chanting his name: Maggi, Maggi, Maggi.♈2225Y1K00123JXT♠The newspaper reported Brian and Brittney Nelson had filed for bankruptcy in 2020, listing nearly $138,000 in liabilities and about $8,800 in assets, including nine guns.➞M39003/09-0134/HSD▧"The Committee will take a skeptical approach and test the assumptions of the IC, as our oversight requires," they said.«1210Y2000392FAT◊"As a woman, I think the 1849 abortion ban is absolutely ridiculous," said Alicia Halvensleben at the Waukesha event with Holder for Protasiewicz. "I'm really concerned about what's going to happen if this comes before our court and we have Dan Kelly on the court."➚

❂Christian LaCour, a 20-year-old security guard at the mall, was described by his sister Brianna Smith as a "sweet, caring young man who was loved greatly by our family," according to an interview with CNN.♦12065A331GAT2A▦Biden said he and first lady Jill Biden were praying for the victims and their families and thanked first responders.♥

↑A court may allow a release during an appeal if the defendant is not seen as a flight risk or threat to the community, the request isn't used to delay the defendant going to prison or the appeal raises a substantial question of facts or law.♬

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