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★In the first three months of this year there have been 15 cases, total, in the entire world.☻


★Zelenskyy's press secretary later walked back those previous comments.↚3530N560J602LE♧First of all, bedbugs can be hard to spot. Large infestations may put lots of the blood-sucking insects or their droppings on obvious display, but eggs or freshly-hatched nymphal bedbugs are less easy to see. They may also be lying low in hidden areas of a piece of furniture, such as seams, crevices or even the inside.♦1825Y2000392GCT◊He noted, however, that the bank's "problems were well known so do not come as a complete shock to either investors or policymakers."◆M39014/01-1305VTR2⇑Pakistan's Supreme Court has ruled that former Prime Minister Imran Khan's arrest earlier this week was illegal and that he should be released immediately.✎

♐Some advocates for Protasiewicz say they also worry about conservative control of the court when it comes to setting voting rules for the 2024 presidential election in Wisconsin and if Republicans would challenge the 2024 results. Conservatives unsuccessfully fought the results of the 2020 race in the state, and there may be more lawsuits involving the 2024 race.❃TBJA475K025CBSC0823↴"Once the police investigation is completed and forwarded to my office, prosecutors will conduct a thorough review of all of the facts presented, the evidence, and the applicable law," Pryor said. "Prosecutors will then make a decision about whether criminal charges should be filed."➽

⇜MAKRIDIS: It's hard to think about. That someone will voluntarily stop the WMD programs, and certainly he was under extreme UN sanctions.⇞


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RB055LA-40TR◇During a press briefing on Sunday afternoon, law enforcement officials said they had no leads on Oropesa's whereabouts but that more than 250 officers were working to track him down.MASW-002100-11910G♠It wasn't that he was filled with spiritual language like, "God's gonna save me." No, it was an acceptance for his condition and a reassurance to the people he loved most, that everything was OK, everything was as it should be, and they felt uplifted by that.★


♞North Carolina's high court had previously ruled against a congressional map drawn by Republican state lawmakers for violating the state's constitution. But after Republican justices took over the court's majority following last year's midterm elections, the court decided to hear the case again.➧SPM5020T-1R5M-LR卐"It hits both those unemployed people and underemployed people. Because often for people to be able to document the sufficient hours of work, it means that they have to have a job of several hours," Vollinger said. "And for some of the lower wage jobs, or a second job that people get, their work schedules can be pretty unpredictable. And sometimes they lack work hours as businesses cut back."⇐1812Y3K00121JCR△"Frankly I don't see any possibilities for him, but I'm going to review it with the prosecutor's office," Ebrard told reporters.↯04025A681JAT2A➼The military Wednesday presented options to Mr. Biden, advising that it was too risky to shoot down the balloon over land, the officials said, and the president then directed the military to put together a plan to shoot down the balloon over water.↗

₪The Chinese military announced the start of three-day "combat readiness patrols" as a warning to Taiwanese who want to make the island's de facto independence permanent. The People's Liberation Army gave no indication whether they might include a repeat of previous exercises with missiles fired into the sea, which disrupted shipping and airline flights.✄APTM10AM05FTG✲And there are other tools at the establishment's disposal. In the past two decades, it has staged two coups while Thailand's courts have brought down three opposition prime ministers and dissolved several opposition parties. Political analyst Thitinan Pongsudhirak from Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University says the threat of dissolution looms large over this election, too.➞


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