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₪"By investing in crime prevention and a fairer criminal justice system, we can tackle the root causes of crime, improve individual and community outcomes, and ease the burden on police," she said.♧C1206X519B5HAC7800♠Including the numbers of commercial airline flights and those on smaller general aviation aircraft, there will be more than 313,000 flights over the seven-day holiday period from May 24 to May 30, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. While that is just below pre-pandemic 2019 levels, the airlines may actually be flying more people by using bigger planes than they normally would on many routes.↖C1206X223G3JACAUTO♧But these comments were different and unsettling in light of the incidents involving Yarl and Gillis, she said.█S0402-33NG1BⓛYet, despite the panoramic coverage of a momentous modern historical period of the Indian subcontinent and the inclusion of vital East-West encounters in various plotlines, this is not a narrative of overt political resistance against the colonizers and their local accomplices. While Verghese sprinkles critical observations about how they exploited India, the Western characters are far from villainous caricatures. Towards the end, Verghese shows his sociopolitical leanings more clearly by bringing in the formative phase of the Naxalite movement as it spread from West Bengal to some parts of South India, including Kerala. Initially, this also reads like a parallel narrative deserving of an entire novel. Trust — Verghese loops it back smoothly onto the story's central spine.↡

▫In addition to strengthening the participation of women and girls with disabilities on the committee, I want to bring attention to minority groups within our community. There are those who still don't sit at the table fully, including people with autism and cerebral palsy.❖2225Y0500120FCR▢The U.S. said the unmanned balloon was equipped to detect and collect intelligence signals, but Beijing insists it was a weather research airship that had accidently blown off course.♩


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C0603C629B4HAC7867↤Davis directed the organizations' directors to award contracts in 2017 and 2018 to DiBiase's companies, Priceless Ventures LLC and Familiae Orientem LLC, for social services that the companies did not provide, the indictment said.♣S0402-56NJ2C☇"It is known that Hale considered the actions of other mass murderers," MNPD wrote in a press statement.❐


☼It's a lighthearted campaign but firefighters say the message is serious, with an average of more than 4,100 house fires a year — about a quarter of the total — caused by unattended cooking.➪135D436X9100T6◙The last time I spoke to my mom was a little less than 24 hours prior to the incident. The conversation was very casual. She was telling me about a sick relative of ours who was in the hospital and how she needed our hopes and prayers. Then I received another voice recording on WhatsApp. It was less than an hour before she died, before she was killed. The message was mainly focused on telling [my family and me] how severe the attacks were. There were so many loud explosions, the sound of automatic machine guns, the sound of active war over there. She didn't know the next one would hit her.↢UFT7260SM5C▃"This is not the time to be stuck in the past."◙EU01ZV◦What's been your best experience as it relates to disability?✐

↭A video from inside the cabin captured what appears to be bright flames coming from one of the plane's wings, as passengers can be heard panicking in the background.◎SCRH74B-470┱"And the house — I watched it pick up and move ... about six inches and then pick up and it was gone."☢


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RHRG5060_F085↟Judge Timothy Kelly said he understands the jurors were not able to return unanimous verdicts on 10 other charges, resulting in a mistrial on those charges. He thanked the jury for its diligence and patience.♗299D106X0025CB6E3▧The Walt Disney Company reported a 13% increase in quarterly earnings on Wednesday — to $21.8 billion.♟


▪Adams thinks that's what happened with her kids' Medicaid coverage. Her son, who survived leukemia, recently had a follow-up biopsy appointment canceled because he was no longer insured. Adams is now working with navigators at the Family Healthcare Foundation to get coverage back.▀2111-H◆"Some farmers are flooding their fields♥0805Y0500391JXRⓥAmong those calling for more arms for Ukraine was the former British prime minister, Boris Johnson, who made a surprise trip to Ukraine on Sunday. Johnson, who was pictured in the Kyiv region town of Borodyanka, said he traveled to Ukraine at the invitation of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.▲KBPC10/15/2502FP⏎Each of the three characters takes a turn sharing their perspective, beginning with the beautiful unnamed wife, who doesn't work or do much but exercise, gossip and get soused with her disruptive best friend from childhood, whom her husband detests. Temi, the only named character, shows up regularly at the couple's posh home, where they're "only the third Black couple to move into the gated community in its entire eight-year existence." She routinely overstays her welcome and baits, insults and enrages the mild-mannered husband, which his wife somehow finds amusing. "I expected to live with one woman when I got married," he says. "Apparently I live with two."◙

☠Yet while the broader gun control community has been supportive, in Uvalde, the victims’ families face critics. They have been accused of making things political. Their unapologetic advocacy makes neighbors — especially those flying “Thin Blue Line” flags — uncomfortable. Local clergymen have criticized them in newspaper op-eds as thirsting for revenge instead of forgiveness. It hurts, a few said, but it doesn’t discourage them.◐WF095162WJ15238BJ1↰"I don't want to say one thing and then do the other. It's better to hold the options open and see what's the best calendar possible," he said.▃


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