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♠"Ford's reversal reflects an overdue realization about the importance of AM radio, but too many automakers are still going the wrong direction," Markey said in a written statement Tuesday. He said Congress should still pass the bill to keep access to the band.✑

▤Shoppers flocked to Bed Bath & Beyond for a treasure-hunt-like stroll through aisles stacked floor to ceiling with trash cans, kitchen gadgets, shower caddies and bedding. Its blue never-expiring 20% off coupon became such a cultural staple that it's frequently sold on eBay.➹


☢DHAKA, Bangladesh — Thousands of people hunkered down Sunday in monasteries, pagodas and schools, seeking shelter from a powerful storm that slammed into the coast of Myanmar, tearing the roofs off buildings and killing at least three people.◘1206Y0501P20CAR❒"It was quite a large, heavy rock, covered in various seaweeds, and once lifted something extremely bright and unusual caught my eye," Barlow said in a blog post.2220J2K00821MXT☣"Turning for home, he had a lot of heart," Castellano said. "He's a little horse with a big heart."¤1808Y0160821KDT➮Ever wondered why your hair turns gray as you age? A team of researchers says it has identified the root cause as trapped stem cells — and that means new tips for naturally fending off grays from your mane could be coming soon.♈

▄These conundrums — the slipperiness of memory and the intractability of talking about trauma — are at the heart of what makes Tania Branigan's book Red Memory: Living, Remembering, and Forgetting China's Cultural Revolution so compelling.◎C0805X474J3RECAUTO➡"We cannot do our lifesaving work if the safety and security of our teams and partners is not guaranteed," said Cindy McCain, the executive director of the agency. About 16 million people, or one-third of Sudan's population, require humanitarian assistance, according to the U.N.➶


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CLF6045T-6R8N-D◙Criminal groups often prey upon migrants in the area and demand money in return for permission to pass through their territory.◐GJM0335C2A5R7WB01WˍKraus believes silence can be a benefit to children. When she and her team monitored kids with "noisy brains" under scalp electrodes, they found that periods of silence helped lessen the static.↛


↲DeSantis made international headlines last year when he announced his new election crime unit had made its first arrests. Nonetheless, the cases have stumbled in court. Several have been dismissed, and others have resulted in plea deals that resulted in no jail time. Defendants said they received voter ID cards, which led them to believe they had the right to vote.↲TBME476K035LRSB0H23の"For both the South Korea and Japanese governments, the resumption of 'shuttle diplomacy' in itself is a win," he said, referring to regular visits between leaders.⊠C320C752G2G5TA⇠On that call, Lavrov asked Blinken to "respect the decisions of the Russian authorities" who say Gershkovich "was caught red-handed," according to a summary of the call from Russia's foreign ministry.❈CKR05BX390KMV⇑But TikTok is proposing a third option. CEO Shou Chew mentioned it frequently in his testimony: "Project Texas" is a proposal to move TikTok's entire operation to the U.S., to put all of its data, and even those top-secret algorithms, under the supervision of Oracle, an American company. "The bottom line is this: American data stored on American soil by an American company overseen by American personnel," said Shou. "This eliminates the concern that some of you have shared with me that TikTok user data can be subject to Chinese law."➛

↴The measures to extend legal protections and expand insurance coverage faced lengthy hearings and floor debates, but Republicans didn't have the votes to defeat them.▬ECC-A3D270JGE♕"The cost of living was so extremely high in trying to raise my grandson that I just got behind," she says.⇣


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