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☊Local media said the victim collapsed on the bank of the Mae Klong River after releasing fish as part of a Buddhist ritual.1N4683 TR PBFREE▶CBS News reached out to Carrasquilla for further comment and is awaiting response.㊣0603J0160821JXT✍"We're not suffering from a naloxone shortage where we need to use an alternative," he said. "We have plenty of it and it works perfectly well."▮TBJC476K016LRSB0024♠According to a statement Friday by the Chinese foreign ministry, the airship was "affected by the westerly wind" and its ability to control its direction "is limited." The statement also says that the balloon "seriously deviated from the scheduled route" and expressed regret that "the airship strayed into the United States due to force majeure."▥

◥Young said on Thursday the group is at its earliest stages of discussing ideas and sharing notes.▎AQ149A111JAJME▼ ▦

♢DeSantis’s open antipathy toward “corporate media” is a key part of his brand. A DeSantis spokesman characterized the proposal as part of a push to enforce “media accountability.” The bill’s author told The Washington Post free speech concerns are overblown.♜


ºFormer Minneapolis police officer Justin Stetson pleaded guilty on Wednesday to a felony assault charge and a gross misdemeanor charge of misconduct of a public officer or employee. In court, the white officer said he "crossed the line" on May 30, 2020, when he repeatedly kicked and hit Stallings, who is Black.↗CMOZ2L5 TR◈The statement said the suspects had bilked unsuspecting investors of at least 19 million pounds, or about $615,000, but many in Egypt believe the real total was likely much higher.○CDR31BP330BFMMAJ♧So far the nonprofit fund has found homes for 15 families. There's a list of 80 more who have asked for help. In addition to subsidizing some rents, the fund will guarantee leases when landlords are reluctant to rent to refugees who are new to the city.∷MPG06KHE3_A/54❏He spent several years judging the British and American shows simultaneously, "criss-crossing the Atlantic weekly," the Associated Press reports.◈

➟Missouri law requires that a suspect must be charged within 24 hours or else be released, police said Sunday.유P160-393HS←When she was at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Naomi Karp and her colleagues put out a set of recommendations for companies to better protect the wealth of seniors. The 2016 report included proposals on employee training and changes to fraud detection systems, such as raising concern over atypical ATM use or adding a new name to an existing checking account✍

▄WOOD: Absolutely. I know you probably got many phone calls. I know I did. I know that at the time, Director Tenet, deputy director, our beloved John McLaughlin, we had some all had some difficult conversations with members of the administration   I felt like they cherry picked the information. And by cherry pick, I mean selectively picked reports that were provided to them by folks who had similar views. And they built a a pile of reports that said the same thing. But if you pulled them apart. Coming back to our 100 puzzle pieces. Right. They didn't all fit to the same puzzle. The administration was definitely trying to get us to describe things in a different way.◈

☪Three victims who were hospitalized are in stable condition as of Tuesday morning and one is in fair condition. Another four have been discharged. The hospital used more than 170 units of blood to treat the victims, prompting a representative from the Red Cross to call for more donations during a press conference on Tuesday.☌

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