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↡When reporters from the Mainichi newspaper applied for yami-baito jobs, they were immediately directed to communicate via the encrypted Telegram app, and offered work as phone scammers earning more than $20,000 a month.↩C2012X5R1H335M125AB♂Adams continued in Europe until the end of 1945. She then briefly worked at the Pentagon until being discharged the following year.⇍CWR09FC336KBA\M100★Eight more hours on call.▤PDTC114EEF115▩Defense officials previously told CBS News that the surveillance equipment attached to the balloon was the size of two to three school buses. Its presence over U.S. airspace prompted a diplomatic dispute between Washington and Beijing, which has claimed the balloon was meant for observing weather conditions, a claim U.S. officials have refuted.☽

❈"We're a decade ahead of what's happening in the rest of Colorado" because of the intensity of water scarcity, says Simpson, who manages the Rio Grande Water Conservation District.░BUK954R4-80E,127▢Several other upcoming solar eclipses will be easier to catch. An annular eclipse in mid-October and a total eclipse next April will both cross over millions of people in the Americas.✏


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GRM1885C1H1R9CZ01D↓The federal government counters that mifepristone has a long track record of safety, and that the FDA acted appropriately and within its Congressional authority.☍C0603X152M3GEC7867☼"[Mug shots] are for people so that you recognize who they are," she said. "He's the most recognized face in the world, let alone the country, right now, so there's no need for that."∎


☪There have been 146 mass shootings in the U.S. so far this year, according to data compiled by the Gun Violence Archive.↺T95R187M016CSAL█Murphy, a father of two, said the warning signs of social media's impact on kids are abundantly clear and that now is the time to take action.【M39003/03-2015/TR➟The speaker repeated a claim he makes often: that Democrats are to blame for the trillions in federal debt. But spending policies and tax proposals from both Republican and Democratic administrations over decades contributed to the current national debt level.⇙CDR34BP562AFWRAT⇆"The implementation of these recommendations will represent a significant milestone for the agency and the LGBTQI+ community," Dr. Peter Marks, director of the FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, said in the release.⇛

✐The church, which has a long legacy of ministry to the poor, "didn't really have the critical mass or the volunteer base to sustain any kind of meaningful engagement with the community," according to Beasley.▥5400R-566H⇨Here's how Porter describes the scene at Last Chance: "They each carry a private inner register of who is genuinely not OK, who is liable to go psycho, who is hard, who is a pussy, who is actually alright, and friendship seeps into the gaps of these false registers in unexpected ways, just as hatred does, just as terrible loneliness does."☁


☪Nelson said it's easy enough to give a second or third dose of naloxone if it wears off.«SD4145♀The National Civil Police had said in a preliminary report via Twitter that nine dead were confirmed at the match between clubs Alianza and FAS at Monumental stadium in Cuscatlan, which is about 25 miles (41 kilometers) northeast of the capital.▐564RZ5UAA752EP602Y↧They are also concerned about banks' exposure to commercial mortgages that are vulnerable as offices across the country remain vacant.☍1808Y0100393GCT▕Vallow Daybell's son Colby Ryan and other relatives told their side of the story about her and Chad Daybell last fall, when Sins of Our Mother, a true-crime series, premiered on Netflix in September. The series is directed by Skye Borgman.⊟

◦Frederick Miller, a German immigrant to the U.S., founded the Miller Brewing Company in the 1850s. Miller High Life, its oldest brand, was launched as its flagship in 1903.★1825Y0500681KCT➴In January, 2022, Michael Odell, a 27-year-old critical care nurse died by suicide. His death became a rallying cry for health care workers' mental health. It pushed a group of nurses, including Odell's closest friends in the profession to start a non-profit organization called Don't Clock Out to support nurses experiencing mental health crises.☆


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VJ0402D110MXXAC↵For a little over three months, Marvin Cox’s family desperately prayed for a miracle. The 31-year-old had been on life support since April 10, 2022, after two gunmen opened fire inside a crowded nightclub in Cedar Rapids, Iowa — killing two people early that morning and injuring nearly a dozen others, including Cox.▶C1005JB0J684K050BB❖This year's event celebrates the opening of a new show at the museum's Costume Institute: "Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty." Lagerfeld, one of the most looming presences in fashion for many decades, was the creative director for both Fendi and Chanel (respectively from 1965 and 1983 until his death in 2019) as well as his own eponymous line.➸

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