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◦The bill would also repeal key provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act — the signature bill of the president's term that funds climate, health care and energy programs.﹌M39003/01-8090/TR✈The malicious Facebook links got the attention of Mike Shirley, who lives in the Twin Falls region near Canyon Ridge High School. "I think I stumbled across something very eyebrow raising on the social media comments," he wrote in an email to NPR a few days after the swatting incident in his area.S5J R7G◊Barbee also posted a video on TikTok explaining her situation, saying investigators have been interviewing students about the matter.❧BLP35M805Z×Bannon had no plans to stand still. He laid out a multi-point plan that included delegitimizing Biden as president, Republicans' winning both U.S. Senate seats in Georgia, and getting Bartiromo elected to the U.S. Senate in New York — all while prepping Trump for a 2024 White House bid.↰

╬John Lansing, NPR's president and chief executive, said in a statement that he was "disturbed" that Twitter has flagged the network as a state-affiliated news organization. "It is unacceptable for Twitter to label us this way," Lansing said in a statement.▧VJ1808Y682JBGAT4X♥This latest move is yet another blow to efforts to deliver aid during what U.N. deputy special representative for Afghanistan Ramiz Alabaro has characterized as the "world's largest humanitarian crisis," with U.N. estimates of nearly 20 million people in Afghanistan facing acute food insecurity – and more than 6.1 million of them on the brink of famine-like conditions.①

➤But with the debt ceiling deadline looming, Biden decided to cancel the second half of his trip.✎


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MPSA18_D74Z⇤The attorneys also cited a 1966 U.S. Supreme Court case in which justices sided against Georgia lawmakers who tried to exclude a newly elected lawmaker — Julian Bond, who later became chair of the NAACP — because he endorsed criticism of the Vietnam War.▁CDR31BP220BFUR\M500✎Here's what to know about the upcoming trial:↩


←Gwinn-Villaroel said there could've been more victims, had Wilt and the officer not "taken it upon themselves to not wait to assess everything but just went in to assess the threat so that more lives would not be lost."★BAV23A-7-G√And there is a lot at stake for President Biden himself. He has to figure out how to navigate asylum law and avoid a humanitarian crisis, all while gearing up for a reelection bid in which he's facing political pressure from the left flank of his own party and Republican critics on the other side.█VJ1812Y152JBLAT4X➝The delay is routine for 9th Circuit appeals and was expected by all parties.◑PTHF75-894VM❤Fox founder Rupert Murdoch — who, under oath, called himself a newsman at heart — advocated going slow in confronting Fox's pro-Trump viewers with unwelcome news in order to protect the franchise.▐

☪Twenty-two percent seriously contemplated attempting suicide, with one in four young women going as far as to formulate a plan on how they would carry it out.✁LQG15HSR15H02D◊Ogan has not said whom he would endorse if the elections go to a second-round. He is believed to have received support from electors wanting change after two decades under Erdogan but unconvinced by the Kilicdaroglu-led six party alliance's ability to govern.❖


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AQ142M431FAJME►There are obvious obstacles to reporting that humanizes, such as the constant surveillance and the threat of state retaliation taken against foreign and Chinese reporters. The state often intimidates sources for speaking to journalists as well, and a nervous interviewee will not divulge enough detail to create an intimate rendering of a person's life.❂KCM55WR71H336MH01K▤"Did you ever receive anything close to tens of millions of dollars separate and apart from The Wolf of Wall Street?" asked prosecutor Nicole Lockhart.

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