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2220Y5000151GCR☜Mahmoud Mahdi, a representative of the Sudanese American Physicians Association who left his country last month and spoke Friday to CBS News in Egypt's capital Cairo, said the priority for his organization and others trying to help was the people still stuck at the two border crossings between the nations.◆C420C912J3G5TA♠"If you don't do it," he said, "we're going to lose."⇐


☪Carrasquilla said she was not given a specific reason for the ultimatum. However, the fallout at Tallahassee Classical comes at a time when control of school curricula is increasingly contested across the country.▩SD1057-01H◤Now, the first lady has walked back her apparent dual invitation, following lots of negative reactions across social media and television. A particularly strong objection came from LSU star player Angel Reese, who called the dual invite "A JOKE" in a tweet.☋CCR05CG270FS▨In 1873, what's known as the Comstock Act banned multiple items related to sex and reproductive health that many people see as quite ordinary today. Until recently, that law had been largely forgotten or ignored. But it's being cited in the federal case out of Texas that could curb access to the widely used abortion pill mifepristone.➯GCM31A7U2J101JX01D▨On looking forward:▩

♘A review of Albuquerque Police Department shootings between 2018 and 2022 showed that deadly force was used when attempting to apprehend violent suspects, when citizens were experiencing a mental health episode, or when people were acting badly while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the city's police chief said in November.◆GCM2195C1H153JA16D↥We created a printable version of this guide. Download and print it here.☆


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3094-680JS☈"There are few players with a more decorated career than Vida Blue," the Oakland Athletics said. "Vida will always be a franchise legend and a friend. We send our deepest condolences to his family and friends during this time."♂LD031C150JAB2A☂Heavy fighting involving armored vehicles, truck-mounted machine guns and war planes raged in the capital of Khartoum, the adjoining city of Omdurman and in flashpoints across the country. The rival forces are believed to have tens of thousands of fighters each in the capital alone.➹

♕She pleaded with creators to not be "the worst."◆

✣Usually, women and girls with disabilities are not consulted and their voices are missing within the disability movement and beyond.↳

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