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➯The electric car company accounts for most of Musk's wealth, but investors of his other companies have complained that running Twitter has become a major distraction. Tesla's stock lost 65% of its value in 2022.⇘VS-HFA16TB120SRHM3£Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak meanwhile said Moscow would extend a voluntary cut of 500,000 until the end of the year, according to remarks carried by the state news agency Tass. Russia had announced the unilateral reduction in February after Western countries imposed price caps.☽CDR01BX472AKWP↔Israel marked its 75th Independence Day in April, corresponding to the anniversary on the Hebrew calendar, amid street protests against Israel's current government and deep divisions between Jews over what kind of country Israel should be.◐1210J0100471KCT⇘Netflix said out-of-household users should have begun receiving emails about the change Tuesday.×

↦Illustrations by LA Johnson; edited by Meredith Rizzo and Deborah Franklin; visual design by LA Johnson, Meredith Rizzo, Alyson Hurt; researched and fact-checked by Will Chase; copyedited by Preeti Aroon.↱1808J0630471JFR↫"It's been very vaccine-oriented – there's a lot of focus on vaccines and some focus on therapeutics," says Bausch. "And of course I don't disagree with that," he adds. "We need vaccines and therapeutics." But, he says, "Diagnostics are often the ignored component of this. It's an area that people just haven't been focused on too much."◘

⇔Major League Soccer said in a statement that it would open an investigation into the incident and that the league has "zero tolerance for abusive and offensive language and takes these allegations seriously."➨

☺Russian officials have bristled at perceived pressure from Washington — arguing it interferes with the legal process and does more harm than good.➹

↿She told a group of George Washington University students last year that seeing that community organizing up close in her youth was a foundational experience.⇍


↻"We don't have reason to think a whole lot has changed," Wurth says, but because there are no reliable counts of kids working in the fields and because companies are responsible for policing themselves, "we don't know, concretely."▓2225Y1000100GCR↾But the bureau's estimated tally of the U.S. population as of Census Day 2020, based on a simulated tally involving administrative records from government and third-party sources, was 2.3% higher than the count's actual result of 331.4 million.✣LL4150GS08☄What's he saying? Grabar spoke with NPR's Juana Summers to discuss the ideas of housing for machines rather than humans — and what a better future might look like in his eyes.■C1206C154M2REC7210¤The Sunday show, it states, has “no lewd activity, sexually explicit shows, disorderly conduct, public exposure, obscene exhibition, or anything inappropriate” for children, adding that it is a “form of family entertainment.”◥

↯The U.S. said the unmanned balloon was equipped to detect and collect intelligence signals, but Beijing insists it was a weather research airship that had accidently blown off course.▦195D105X9015C2T☀The announcement frames Pence as a traditional conservative who could be a more predictable and palatable alternative to Trump. Hensarling and Reed were careful to call out Pence's "unparalleled commitment to conservative principles and the Constitution" and his "uncommon character."º

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