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☻As star journalists mingled with comedians and other celebrity at this year's event, climate activists used the occasion to stage a protest outside of the Washington Hilton Hotel, where the dinner was held. Protesters were demanding President Biden keep his promise to end new fossil fuel drilling on federal lands. The protest was organized by Climate Defiance, a group that calls itself "a brand-new movement of young people."☣


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173D125X9020U☁"The staffing crisis didn't just happen. It's been around for years. Unions have been sounding the alarm that organizations were putting profits before patients," Hopkins said. Employers "had cut staffing so bad, that there was no room for flexibility."↑ER1025-38JP➹They are also concerned about banks' exposure to commercial mortgages that are vulnerable as offices across the country remain vacant.◈


✲Much of Wednesday's hearing centered on whether the coalition of abortion opponents had standing to file their lawsuit.¤GCM0335C1E680JD03DVideo of the session has been up on YouTube for nearly seven years. But it recently came back into the spotlight as part of a lawsuit brought by the family of a man who died when his Tesla crashed while using the self-driving feature. The family's lawyers cited that 2016 claim, along with others Musk has made about Tesla's self-driving software.▢MGV12057R8M-10♦"It's a shock to everybody," he told reporters in Augusta. "You want to naturally say, 'That can't be happening here in Maine.' But the reality is these senseless acts can and do happen everywhere."큐2220Y1K50392KXT유Rice then set out to capture that tree-wide vibration in the midst of a thunderstorm. "I was hunkered down and huddling, trying to stay out of the lightning. When those storms come through Pando, they're pretty big. They're pretty dramatic."✒

유"Putin."º2118-H-RC→But not all of the Howard community shares that praise for the president.♚

▒"The thing I was most worried about was, how do we get guests on the show?" Corden told Adele, recalling how Mariah Carey agreed to do an early Carpool Karaoke, only to insist, when they showed up to film, that she wasn't going to sing. "We couldn't book anyone."☊


←In an unprompted Tuesday email, Musk wrote: "So is NPR going to start posting on Twitter again, or should we reassign @NPR to another company?"▣C322C309CAG5TA➚Even without Abbott's actions, Garza said, the case would be reviewed by state and federal courts to ensure proper legal procedures were followed.】CDR34BP562AFUP-ZANAH✡The death in Farmington "and others like it make clear the urgent need for statewide police reform," Barron Jones with the ACLU New Mexico said in a news release.ⓞ1206Y2K03P00CQT♀Even so, "it's one thing to try to improve the ride quality once you've experienced the turbulence," Pettit says. "But the best-case scenario is you don't experience it in the first place."♠

﹌This shift from large social media platforms to smaller and smaller communities is going to continue, and with it, the big Web 2.0 companies will cede power, he said.⇊M39014/02-1320TR1▱Memorial Day weekend is upon us, kicking off the busy summer vacation season, and airlines are forecasting that this could be their busiest summer ever. Industry projections indicate that despite relatively high airfares, U.S. airlines could carry a record number of passengers this summer, even though they're still operating fewer flights than before the pandemic.▕


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