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1808J0250390GCR▌Locals say the hippos sometimes come out of the water and walk through the streets of the town. When that happens, traffic stops and people keep out of their way.◦RDE5C1H331J0P1H03B◘Last week, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos announced he would not attend the gala, where he was to accept the PEN America Business Visionary Award. Sarandos cited the writers strike, during which Netflix has been a prime target of criticism among union members. But the company was cited Thursday night as a prime sponsor of the dinner ceremony.♪


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CKC33C273GDGAC7800☻The first iconic image of a black hole looked like a fuzzy, orange donut, but now that picture has been sharpened up to a fiery ring, thanks to computer simulations and machine learning.▦GMC10CG5R6C100NT▢By 5 a.m., she is accompanied by four other women on a motorboat, operated by a fisherman they know well. They each chip in about $1 for the ride. It's a half-hour journey to the nearest island. Depending on the availability of seaweed, they may venture out to the other islands that are further away. Once they find the best spot, they moor the boat and dive in. The women are in neck deep waters usually until 3 p.m., because the strong currents would disrupt the work after that. Seeniammal gathered about 22 pounds of seaweed from that single trip, she says, almost double what women collect near the coast of Pamban.↻

✡Musk's comments to NPR over the past two days only further clouded what was already a confusing situation.◥


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1206YC335KAT2A✍Ultimately, the jury disagreed, in a verdict Tacopina called "perplexing."☢NTE56049☆In 2019, she sued Trump for defamation over his denial of her claim. That lawsuit has been hung up in federal court over the question of whether Trump could be sued for a statement he made while president.☻


➨It was a shock to most to think that someone so young and far down the chain of command could have such access – or manage to get it.✦1111J2500240KQT♥Once inside the uterine tube, the sperm become hyperactivated (for reasons researchers still don't understand) and begin to move more vigorously.⇂1812J0250223FFR↗"Investigators are still processing all of the evidence, in conjunction with completing interviews, in an effort to solidify a motive and potential suspects," the agency said on Monday evening.☎BZX884S-C3V6YL↚Tuberville told WBHM he opposes the policy because he believes it uses taxpayer money to fund abortions.⇐

▌Friday's hold was in response to a formal request earlier in the day from the Justice Department to block a federal appeals court decision that limits access to the drug.➳BAS116E6433HTMA1▌But for the 2020 census, close to 44% of Latinos either did not answer the race question at all or checked off only the box for the mysterious catchall category "Some other race," according to data the Census Bureau released last month.⊕

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