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▤A few days ago, MTV announced it was scaling back its annual awards show in the face of an ongoing writer's strike.×


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C0805C222G4GACTU큐Earlier Friday, Israeli missiles struck an open field in the southern Lebanese town of Qalili, near the Palestinian refugee camp of Rashidiyeh, according to an Associated Press photographer and residents, killing several sheep and inflicting minor injuries on residents, including Syrian refugees. Other strikes hit a small bridge and power transformer in the nearby town of Maaliya and damaged an irrigation system providing water to orchards in the area.▏1812Y0160104KCRºWant more profile journalism? Listen to the Consider This episode on the Texas lawyer behind the so-called "bounty hunter" abortion ban.✎


☾Story produced by Jon Carras and Sabina Castelfranco. Editor: Emanuel Secci.⇙08055U220JAT4A♥SAVANNAH, Ga. — Three construction workers were injured Tuesday when part of an upper floor collapsed inside Savannah's 124-year-old federal courthouse, which has been undergoing extensive renovations for more than a year.▆SMBZ5945B-E3/52☁“I’m like, ‘Whoa,’” he told the Museum of Flight. “It reached in, grabbed my soul, never let go.”♔CMPT5401 BK PBFREE➵The back-to-back bloodshed sent shockwaves through a Balkan nation scarred by wars, but unused to mass murders. Though Serbia is awash with weapons left over from the conflicts of the 1990s, the last mass shooting before this week was in 2013, when a war veteran killed 13 people in a central Serbian village.✙

↕"One of the biggest challenges we face today is dealing with the sheer increase in the number of threats against Members of Congress — approximately 400% over the past 6 years," Manger said. "Over the course of the last year, the world has continuously changed, becoming more violent and uncertain.↸IRFR3412TRLPBF↫DeSantis went on to pass a bill that stripped Disney of its self-governing authority.◊

↻The Pentagon's review was conducted by the National Defense University and was delivered to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin last year. Austin told CBS News in December that there were no plans for the Pentagon to release an unclassified version.♠


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FS200R07A5E3S6BPSA1↛Suzanne Gazda, a Texas-based neurologist who ran the nonprofit Hope for Humans, isn't as optimistic. Hope for Humans focused on care for nodding syndrome sufferers in northern Uganda from 2012 to 2017, when it ceased operations. Gazda reflected on the apparent hopelessness of the situation and what she described as piecemeal advancements in the scientific understanding of the disease. "We've got to help these children that have been abandoned and essentially left to suffer and die," she said. "But every place I went, people were interested, but there was no follow up."○ND431625☢Here's a quick guide to these two influential climate patterns:

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