♡The jury began deliberating Thursday afternoon, on a case that has attracted wide attention. Prosecutors cite Vallow Daybell's religious beliefs about zombies and a looming doomsday as partial motives for the alleged murders of her two youngest children and her husband's previous wife.♥594D685X0050D2T→What about repurposed approved drugs? Approved drugs can be used off label by physicians. What if, say, an anti-parasite drug cured cancer? Why not take that?▬MA0805XF225K100∴“Tens of millions of people will be immediately hit with bills for past due interest charges, courtesy of congressional Republicans,” Mike Pierce, executive director of the Student Borrower Protection Center, said on a call with reporters Tuesday. “Amid record inflation … this is exactly the wrong time to saddle working families with unexpected bills as part of a half-baked political stunt.”↥RL895-393K-RC♣The Passaic County Prosecutor's Office did not provide details about the possible motive for the assault and told NPR that the investigation is ongoing.➤

⇘According to the Sudan Doctors Trade Union, which is tracking hospital capacity across the country, barely a third of hospitals in all of the country's clash sites remain open. And even those facilities are operating at reduced capacity. In Geneina, Darfur, a town of over 250,000 in the western border where fighting has been especially severe, all health facilities are out of service.☭106-332G✃House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner has indicated his panel will also probe the nature of the breach.✃


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OP32B563K101CT➶Since Democrats began formally hosting conventions under the party name in 1832, Chicago has been the site of 12 conventions. The first convention in Chicago dates back to 1864 when George McClellan and George Pendleton were nominated as the presidential and vice presidential candidates, respectively, at a time the party was split by the ongoing Civil War, according to the Library of Congress. (President Abraham Lincoln won that election, securing a second term.)➸S472M39Z5UN6UJ6R◥She says lower-income residents often can't or don't choose the kinds of healthy meals that would help them control their diabetes.☻


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9230-62-RC◎So about a year ago, Oditt invited sound artist Jeff Rice to visit Pando and record the tree.㊣1206Y2K02P70BQT☣"Somebody's got to start thinking about mama, because I know I'm tired of it and everybody behind me is tired of it," Burkett said. "We're tired of going to the mothers and having to tell them that these kids are not coming home."⇚


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DURF2040CT⇤However, almost immediately, nondescript Facebook accounts began replying to official updates by posting strange videos in the comments section. The people posting the videos alleged to have footage from the scene, but it was clear from the background of the videos they were not taken in Twin Falls, said Palmer. Later on, other anonymous Facebook users shared links to news stories purporting to cover the shooting, leading people to click on what appeared to be fake news sites plastered with advertisements.▕0805J2500820FFT◈Here's what you need to know:➜

▆The investigation also revealed that the archdiocese failed to report many allegations of sexual abuse to authorities, conduct adequate investigations, remove abusers from the ministry or restrict their access to children.⇧

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