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▧But she and her husband have struggled to find work here, and being so close to the fighting has its challenges for Sofiia. Natalia explains that before the invasion, her daughter was a leader in the kindergarten, social and calm. But the war has changed her. "Now she reacts to everything in a more emotional way," Natalia says. "She will demand something or be argumentative. Sometimes she will cry with no reason."↞C324C273G5G5TA☠He even called the National Archives and Records Administration "radical left."™1N4625 TR PBFREE◄A top Ukrainian government official cast the explosion that killed Tatarsky as part of internal turmoil.↦HC1210CG560J501↛With the admission, Stetson will not be able to work in law enforcement in Minnesota again. But Stallings has criticized the plea deal, saying it doesn't go far enough to hold Stetson accountable and prevent similar behavior.⇓

░"This artifact is particularly special," Julien said.⇇C901U200JYSDBAWL35♦Migrants have been applying for 740 slots made available daily on the glitch-plagued app, CBPOne, which allows them to enter the U.S. legally at an official crossing.⇘

☎More than six months after Adidas cut ties with Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, the sportswear giant has been slow to release a plan on how it will repurpose the piles of unsold Yeezy merchandise — fueling frustrations among investors.☢


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1808J1000682KXR♨As the crowd cheered in excitement, he clarified: "But it's not right now."ˍEMK325BJ226MM-P▭The Bizyayevs now live in a suburban neighborhood about an hour north of New York City. On a crisp November afternoon, Daniel steps off the yellow school bus he's ridden home and takes his mom Kristina's hand. They pass pumpkins and yard ghosts, left over from Halloween, on their way to their white two-story house with a large flag in the window. It's half Ukrainian and half American.▌


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08053G104ZAT4A♀On top of the rigorous schedule, the choir was also not paid the two pounds a week they had expected. They received "only ten shillings," said Katie. Promises by Balmer "to make it up to them from the proceeds of their concerts once they became better known" were not kept.◘C0805X103G3GECAUTO7210▷Catholic women's groups that have long criticized the Vatican for treating women as second-class citizens immediately praised the move as historic in the 2,000-year life of the church.⇄


☼The more Native Americans can see themselves in positions of honor, the better it is for our communities, Donaghy said.↬1812Y1K00180GAT⇊U.N. agencies and aid workers in Bangladesh had prepositioned tons of dry food and dozens of ambulances with mobile medical teams in sprawling refugee camps that house more than 1 million Rohingya who fled persecution in Myanmar.❑2220J0160221KCRⓞGREEN: Some of those consequences that we assessed could happen:  Anarchy in Iraq. Regime threatening instability in Arab states. A surge of global terrorism against U.S. interests.☢SWT-0.90-330▀For hundreds of Oregon inmates, the decision means prosecutors must now decide whether to pursue a new trial, cut a plea deal or dismiss charges altogether. In Gillespie's case, he accepted a plea in which prosecutors dropped all but two of the charges, including the attempted aggravated murder charge. Rather than remain in prison until 2034, he was sent home on three years' parole.♂

▶It will land in the digital graveyard with other once-popular digital news sites, like Gawker, the Awl and Grantland.◩C901U240JUSDBAWL45⇩Beijing's ties are also frayed with Western countries on issues ranging from trade to human rights to defense concerns over Taiwan.♡

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