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▼"Because they have no natural predators here, as they would in Africa, the population is booming an it's affecting the local ecosystem," Huse said. "Because they are such large animals, they consume considerable amounts of grassland and produce significant waste, which then poisons the rivers."☠


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SD6030-121-R⊿The following year Interpol issued a red notice for Nasyrova's arrest for murder — in other words, a request to law enforcement worldwide to "locate and provisionally arrest" a person pending their extradition or surrender.♦IRKT41/12A☻"I grew up watching Big Ten ball because my dad played in the Big Ten, my mom played basketball for a Big Ten team, my brother played here [in Michigan] — you know what I'm saying? So I kind of just grew up watching the sport through a Big Ten lens."█


↫The goal is to vaccinate healthy koalas to prevent them from becoming infected with chlamydia.❤0603J5001P80BCT➳However, that doesn't mean that the posts aren't further traumatizing people. "Social media makes it very easy for people to pretend to be something or to share potentially incorrect information," Larson continued.↽M39003/03-0343/HSD▪He's also heartened by the fact that there's less stigma now to talking about mental health issues.➻CGA3E3X7R1V154M080AB▩The rush in conservative states to ban abortion after the overturn of Roe v. Wade is resulting in a startling consequence that abortion opponents may not have considered: fewer medical services available for all women living in those states.○

ぃThe German government, meanwhile, said it was providing Ukraine with additional military aid worth more than 2.7 billion euros ($3 billion), including tanks, anti-aircraft systems and ammunition.╬C1210X430G5HAC7800☆"Imagine you're at the bottom of the ocean, there's no light, you can't see anything, all you have is a flashlight and that beam goes out by 10 feet, that's it," he says. "It's a desert. You're moving along, you don't see anything, and suddenly there's a steel ship in front of you that's the size of a skyscraper and all you can see is the light that's illuminated by your flashlight."¤


☪Musk has long attacked the media and attempted to undercut the credibility of journalists. The Twitter CEO has suspended reporters who have published or promoted stories critical of him. Musk has stripped away, and at times reissued, "verified" blue check marks to news organizations and individual journalists.♀T491B105K035AT4513▏"I'm just using art to tell a story that's already available, just in a different way," he said.⇠C0805C751M4HACAUTO◊"I have a responsibility to the public," she told ABC news upon her release. "We all have responsibility."£GCM0335C1E7R8BA16D↛CSA: What we gave, is accurate. We know the full story. If you have another story, tell us.⏎

◣"The airports are packed," says Steve Solomon, chief commercial officer of the Airlines Reporting Corp., which processes and tracks airline ticket sales. "So travelers should prepare to get to the airport early, allow adequate time to get through security screening, through the TSA, and expect to see a lot of people on really full planes."▼B37872K5104K070✏"During its first months in power, the government has concentrated on complicating efforts by humanitarian boats that had long carried out rescue operations in the central Mediterranean by assigning them ports of disembarkation along Italy's northern coasts. That means the vessels need more time to return to the sea after bringing migrants aboard and taking them safely to shore.◥


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VS-25TTS12STRL-M3₪The lunch menu with the date Feb. 24 — the day that Russia invaded — was still hanging on the wall, advertising the buckwheat soup and cabbage that was never served. A chess game was frozen mid-match, waiting for someone to make the next move.☠C0402C132M4JAC7867◀On the WMD portion of Powell's speech, the Secretary's presentation omitted the analysts' caveats, although, to be fair, the caveats were not numerous.  Nonetheless, they were lost. There was pressure from policymakers for those caveats not to be in the speech.→

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