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◆Each state has an immunization manager who coordinates vaccination campaigns. Claire Hannan is the executive director of the group that coordinates all these coordinators – the Association of Immunization Managers. Over the last three pandemic years, she's spoken to NPR dozens of times.▶2220Y3K00562MXR↿Regardless of the outcome, the longer processing times will likely result in a bottleneck at ports of entry and detention centers that will put a strain on federal, state and local government resources.⇗GA0805Y473MXXBP31G◇Fantagio said Moon Bin's funeral will be held "as quietly as possible," with the attendance mostly limited to family, close friends and colleagues, based on the wishes of his relatives.▶M39003/01-2589/TR◘McConnell recently missed several weeks in the Senate after falling and suffering a concussion and minor rib fracture in early March.の

¤In 2002, Cardinal William Keeler, who served as Baltimore archbishop for nearly two decades, released a list of 57 priests accused of sexual abuse, earning himself a reputation for transparency at a time when the nationwide scope of wrongdoing remained largely unexposed. That changed, however, when Keeler was named in a sweeping Pennsylvania grand jury report. The 2018 report presented extensive evidence of a far-reaching coverup that often involved transferring accused clergy to other parishes instead of holding them accountable.⇜VS-16CTQ060GPBF●As Ukraine struggles to maintain global attention nearly 15 months into a full-scale war with Russia, groups like the foreign legion have struggled with enrollment. Still, Ukraine depends on the expertise of foreign volunteers to keep local volunteers and conscripts up to speed on NATO standards.☠

⇧Who is he? Martin Cooper — aka the father of the cellphone, and former head of Motorola's communications systems division — and the first person to ever make a call from a cellphone.☜


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TZQ5245B-GS18◦"You almost want to curse," Towarnicki, 38, said. "You're like, 'Oh, no, it's happening.'"➟T491B156K025AT»Conred official Rodolfo Garcia estimated that 130,000 people live within areas exposed to falling ash, which came down as far as 62 miles from the crater.۰


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0805J1000750GQT£Congolese doctor and Nobel Peace Prize winner Denis Mukwege, whose clinic is located in Bukavu, the capital of South Kivu, said Saturday he had sent a team of surgeons, anesthetists and technicians to the area to "provide the population with emergency medical aid."▬104CDMCCDS-330MC⇤“It was a very terrifying experience. The winds were extremely powerful. We could hear debris pounding against the walls and windows. Car alarms were going off. Windows felt as if they were going to blow out,” Augero said. “We were all terrified. If felt as if it was never going to end. I’ve been through a few typhoons growing up, but this was by far the worst I’ve ever experienced.”➵


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1825J0500822JCR〓While top prospects in this year's draft like quarterbacks Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud and Anthony Richardson and defensive lineman Will Anderson Jr. prepare their fits for the big night, we look back at some of the most memorable draft night ensembles since the splash by Sanders.₪1812J5000682JCT⇊The ride hailing company declined to share with NPR specific numbers on the potential impact of these layoffs. The Wall Street Journal reported that the layoffs could affect about 30% of Lyft workers, or around 1,200 jobs.☀

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