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✍Last month, Republican Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed SB255, which further amends that state's outside funding restriction to more explicitly prevent local governments from using such funding.↬


ⓞBeing financially responsible in the U.S. has come to mean "borrow and repay," says Barbara Kiviat, an economic sociologist at Stanford University.▒C324C689CAG5TA7301☆Temporary Assistance for Needy Families money helped pay for pet projects of the wealthy, including $5 million for a volleyball arena that Favre supported at his alma mater, the University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi Auditor Shad White said. Favre's daughter played volleyball at the school starting in 2017.〓BUK653R7-30C,127❦"We received recommendations from 33 countries concerning the administration of capital punishment at the State and Federal level," the State Department's statement reads. "While we respect those who make these recommendations, they reflect continuing differences of policy, not differences about what the United States' international human rights obligations require."♘1206Y5000121KET♢Over the course of his stay, Jarrett meets and helps out with a vivacious family of four — a mom and three kids, including Eric, the youngest, who has just finished up a round of chemotherapy as treatment for leukemia. Its not only the sweet and energetic Eric himself that Jarrett connects with, but Eric's older brother and sister, Jason and Mary, too. Jarrett is also assigned to Diego, a 13-year-old with brain cancer that has already affected his mobility and cognitive skills. At first a reluctant participant, Diego ultimately connects with Jarrett over drawings of superheroes and other popular comics figures.➨

ⓞThe art is something he hopes to continue doing in the future, as he's balancing drawing comics and writing a memoir called Puzzled, which details his experiences growing up with obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety.◘CWR09DK335KCЮYet Betty also knows that Nuha's stories contain as many lies as truths, that they have the power to both unite and divide. They can divide a people from a land and unite a people for a cause; divide a woman from her sanity and unite her with a calming influence; divide the living from the dead and unite them in recalled memories. "It's for the philosophers," Betty thinks, "whether two people can live in the exact same place if that place is imaginary — or maybe a poet could tell me whether any set of words is sturdy enough, on its own, to duplicate an experience from one mind to the next. I have doubts."☼


☌Tse was detained at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport in January 2021 after a decade-long hunt.⇒DMT6017LFDF-7★The Boy Scouts of America, based in Irving, Texas, sought bankruptcy protection in February 2020 in an effort to halt hundreds of individual lawsuits and create a compensation fund for thousands of men who were molested as youngsters by scoutmasters or other leaders.£1PMT4106E3/TR13◁"If you celebrated Clark for doing this but not Angel Reese you gotta take a long, long look in the mirror," tweeted The Athletic writer Meg Linehan.↻CR32NP-391KC┲The bill's framework reflects a series of demands from a bloc of hard line GOP lawmakers who opposed his election as speaker in January and pushed for commitments for how to handle negotiations on the debt limit. After five days and 15 votes, many of his detractors backed his bid, or voted present after McCarthy pledged he would not allow a House vote on a bill to increase the country's borrowing authority without federal spending reductions.⇐

☆In a statement, the U.N. said it "will endeavor to continue lifesaving, time-critical humanitarian activities" but "will assess the scope, parameters and consequences of the ban, and pause activities where impeded."➸LQP02HQ1N9B02E▷But it's a request complicated by politics. Democrats have a narrow 51-49 majority in the chamber and would need 60 votes in order to essentially swap Feinstein out for another Democrat.┱

➡Ten Planets' stories are linked occasionally and loosely, often by language. (In her afterword, Dillman writes of consciously choosing to string the word iota, one of the many potential translations of the Spanish ápice, through the text.) Many involve voyages to space; in one of the best, "The Martian," an earthling stranded on an alien planet is moved to "astonishment, intense sorrow, and then uncontainable joy" on encountering a dog. In others, elements of real life — dementia; smartphones — twist into science fiction or grow magical, as in "House Taken Over," in which a house learns "how to determine what was important," then forces its inhabitants to live by its moral code. Reading Ten Planets is something like living in that sentient house: More than any of Herrera's other work, it requires not only suspension of disbelief but surrender of control. Both are challenging; both are worth it. Nobody writes like Yuri Herrera, and it would be a shame not to travel with him as far as his imagination can go.۰


◘In many of these remote, conflict-ridden parts of the world, O'Leary says the options for polio vaccination are very limited. "The health systems are kind of, I would say, skeletal in nature. Childhood immunization rates can be as low as 5%."●GRM033R70J272JA01J➜Delcoure said the volunteers who keep Pippi's Place running and make sure all the kittens find homes deserve all the credit.✲CDR01BP470BJSM⇧Parts of a documentary about Hutchins' life will be filmed simultaneously with "Rust."▧1825Y1000331JCTⓔJay said he hoped those who only knew Brandt from his viral meme would remember him as a farmer who did what he loved — honest work, in other words. The image the meme conjured wasn’t too far from the truth.▤

▧"We're going to be asking everyone who sells drugs, gets caught selling drugs, to receive the death penalty for their heinous acts," Trump said. "Because it's the only way."♡T494D106M025AT۰James now aims to test 1,000 private wells in the valley to explore the connections between drought, water quality, and health. So far, she said, a small proportion of wells show elevated levels of heavy metals, including arsenic, uranium, tungsten, and manganese, which occur naturally in the soil. Unlike public water supplies, private domestic wells are not regulated, and they may go untested for years. James is offering participants free water testing and consultation on the results.➡

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