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↿Rep. Justin Pearson's district in Memphis is 61.1 % Black. Rep. Justin Jones' district in Nashville is 30.9 % Black and 24 % Hispanic. Rep. Gloria Johnson's district is 58.2 % Black.◘1210-104G▩So when I found myself as a mother with a reliable husband and having a baby in my arms, and we were together at the naming ceremony feeling proud and surrounded by people celebrating with us, I didn't recognize my disability any longer. It was there, but it didn't matter because this man had never been ashamed of having a wife with a disability. He's been supportive of every bit of my journey since we met.✍VJ0805D1R4DLCAC☻Voyager 2 is 12.3 billion miles away from Earth and counting. Voyager 1, also facing an expiration date as it also loses power, is 14.7 billion miles away.♕VJ1206A392FXXPW1BC♦Criminal groups often prey upon migrants in the area and demand money in return for permission to pass through their territory.❂

○If granted, the declaration would make Broward residents who incurred damage to their homes and other property eligible for a wide range of loans and other assistance. Local governments would also be eligible.⇀561RU2JCH102EE270J▥"It is no mystery how to address these failures," said Dennis Kelleher, president of the watchdog group Better Markets. "Put the regulatory cops back on the finance beat and make sure they have the tools, powers, and authorities necessary to rein in inappropriate risk taking and recklessness."◎


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1812Y0630392JER♪Countries have their own cultural heritage laws which govern the protection of antiquities. In enforcing Italy's, Salvatori often turns to a familiar ally: Col. Matthew Bogdanos, whose team has helped repatriate more than 500 pieces to Italy♥AISC-1210-8N2J-T⇞Climate scientists say cyclones can now retain their energy for many days. Cyclone Amphan in eastern India in 2020 continued to travel over land as a strong cyclone and caused extensive devastation.▩


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0805J2508P20HQT✯Justice Brett Kavanaugh focused on the language in the court's 1977 decision that said an employer would suffer an undue hardship if a religious accommodation would impose substantial additional costs on the employer. That, he suggested, seems to be what happened in Groff's small postal office when he refused to work Sundays or religious holidays.♠C0805X120K1HACAUTO☼Pasta prices jumped 17.5% in March — more than double Italy's inflation rate —compared to the same month in 2022, despite a drop in wheat prices, Reuters reported. That was followed by a 16.5% year-over-year increase in April.➣

✿Tsipras, 48, called Mitsotakis on Sunday night to congratulate him.♦


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FA28X8R1H223KNU00➷That's up to the court.➽06035U750FAT2A➸Authorities detained 12 people, including the hospital's head, her deputy and construction workers.►

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