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▣Izumi Suzuki's science-fiction story collection Hit Parade of Tears, translated from Japanese by Sam Bett, David Boyd, Helen O'Horan, and Daniel Joseph, seems to come from both the past and the future. Suzuki, a model, actress, and writer, was born in 1949 and died by suicide at 36; until 2021, her work had never appeared in English. Hit Parade of Tears, her second collection to be translated, has the could-it-be-prescience that renders good science fiction both captivating and uncanny. At the same time, it often feels so rooted in the '60s and '70s that it could have emerged from a time capsule. In "Hey, It's a Love Psychedelic!," a story whose protagonists are obsessively interested in the latest clothing and musical trends, a mysterious voice periodically interrupts the narrative to make announcements like, "Warps in the timeline are common." Suzuki's work, read in 2023, seems to have fallen out of one such warp.♞

¤Strict safeguards have been implemented, the FDA said, and products made with "glycerin, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, maltitol solution, hydrogenated starch hydrolysate or sorbitol solution" are receiving "increased regulatory oversight." Manufacturers and overseas regulatory counterparts have been contacted by the FDA to make sure that their products are meeting current requirements and specifications.۰


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1206J1000301KQT◊Despite promises of reform by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, inmates at tribal jails overseen by the federal agency continue to die, according to a new report released on Friday.➟CDR33BX104AMZSAR⇓How did it get into Cena's hands? He's brought that story to several talk show stages in recent years.●


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1210R-272F♦She and the other teachers have been watering them.☺CTX16-17769-R✪"There were so many kids in this venue and what they saw, they're victims in this," he said. "Their families are victims of this."◁


♟She noted that Twitter will always "go in a rage," but she feels happy for all that she's done to help grow women's basketball this year.▣CKC21C912JWGAC7800⊞While Shirely was confident the links were malicious and were allowing spammers to take advantage of the fear generated by the hoax call, he also wondered whether there was any connection between the hoax callers themselves and the social media predators. It would "provide a motive as to why they keep happening all over," said Shirley.↗2225J0500823GFT▩Such celestial events happen about once every decade: The last one was in 2013 and the next one isn't until 2031. They occur when Earth is in the "sweet spot" so the moon and the sun are almost the exact same size in the sky, said NASA solar expert Michael Kirk.➪MSB10M-13♥That testimony turned out to be pretty important, since injecting foreign money into the campaign system was a key part of the case against Michel.↻

▣Luis Herrera told local station ValleyCentral that he and his friends were waiting to go to the airport when they were struck by a gray Range Rover.▫VJ1206Y184KXXMP►"I feel so emotional, like I could cry. The color changed and seeing the corona and sun flares ...," Copson said.➥


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