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▌In an interview last month, Heinerscheid, the first woman to lead Bud Light in the brand's 40-year history, said the beer brand was "in decline."▁


✪Early in the novel, the patriarch of the family, Sandy, plans to kill himself by jumping off the balcony of his New York apartment. He reconsiders, but ends up making another rash decision, abandoning his job as a lawyer and moving to Vermont, where he and his wife, Naomi, converted a house into a Zen Buddhist temple 40 years before.☺SMBG5944A/TR13➪"Disqualifying dead cats with microchips is too little too late," said SAFE spokesperson Will Appelbe. "It's not even an ambulance, but a grave at the bottom of the cliff."➜08055A300JAQ2A▨Low said it was "predictable" that Meghan had decided not to attend the coronation.➼T491B474M035AT4280☢CIA's views on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were outlined in an October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate or NIE. An NIE is the most authoritative product of the U.S. Intelligence Community.  It is coordinated across the many agencies that make up the Intelligence Community, and it is approved by the head of each one.❏

➣Those criticizing the new label include Yoel Roth, who was Twitter's head of trust and safety for nearly eight years. He resigned from Twitter last November.➙ES1BHM2G큐Hospitals have struggled as violence rages. Many wounded are stranded by the fighting, according to the Sudan Doctors' Syndicate that monitors casualties, suggesting the death toll is probably higher than what is known.❐


◐But the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, a U.S. trade group that represents major automakers including Ford and BMW, criticized the bill, calling the AM radio mandate unnecessary.☁C1812X563J4JACAUTO☞"I think it's been well-documented – our jails across the BIA system are in poor condition," Newland said. "We've also come up with an ability to rank them to prioritize which ones should be replaced, but we need the dollars to do that and to make sure the people in our care and custody get the treatment they're entitled to."☠GRM1556S1H1R7CD01D◐From Sanders to Sauce, the NFL draft has been a style showcase for more than three decades. Thursday we'll find out which of these upcoming NFL stars has top-tier fashion sense to match their special talent.❤CU10Y1220JATUA⇠"We couldn't sleep, and all we heard was gunshots and aircraft. There was no water, no electricity, and we were just trying to survive," said the woman, who asked that her name not be published. She said that when she finally arrived at the Egyptian border, after a very long bus ride, thousands were already waiting there.▄

▨Over the weekend, she returned to Morodok Techo Stadium to train and pose for photos with fans. As for what she'll do with the money from Cambodia's strongman leader, she said she wants to pay off her mother's debts.➥HF1008-391J▫It was a "textbook case of mismanagement."↨


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GRT21BR71C475KE13L✍=✎BUK762R7-30B,118↵Paora is now being kept in a secluded area where he has a dark place to stay during the daytime. The zoo plans to build a special habitat that will provide him shelter "while respecting and supporting his natural instincts," officials said Tuesday.↘


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0603Y0630100FCT➯What's she saying?❈RGP10AHM3/54◙New York Red Bulls forward Dante Vanzeir has apologized after it was reported that he used a racial slur during a game Saturday night.█

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