CDR31BP471BJUS-ZANAM Specifications

•CANBERRA, Australia — A 95-year-old Australian woman died Wednesday, a week after a police officer shot her with a stun gun in a nursing home as she moved toward him using a walker and carrying a steak knife, in a tragedy that has outraged many Australians.⇇


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C317C432G2G5TA【The emergency department had to divert ambulances with sick patients to other hospitals because the staff couldn't access patient medical records.▅C0603X130G5HAC7867♈Negotiations had most recently centered on a waterfront site near downtown Oakland. Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao announced Wednesday night that the city had ceased those negotiations with the team, adding that she was "deeply disappointed" with the team's decision.▨


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06032A390KAT2A♀McConnell said he would "continue to lend my support to the speaker," repeating what he has been saying since January: "The Senate is not a relevant player at this time."☂1812J6300181GAT유The Ozanam Center shelter sits just five miles from the migrant encampments in Matamoros, Mexico, where thousands of migrants are waiting for Title 42 to expire. The pandemic-era public health order, set to be lifted this week, allows the U.S. to expel migrants without considering asylum.♚


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FJNS4201RBU⇤She has found a vibrant congregation to lead in the town of Enid, Okla., and was thrilled to find out that the church is still supporting outreach and hunger ministries.◆APT60M75L2FLLG⇅In Cosgrove's termination letter, the interim LMPD Chief Yvette Gentry wrote: "The shots you fired went in three different directions, indicating you did not verify a threat or have target acquisition."▷


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2225J0100185JXR➺In February, two soldiers were injured when an Apache helicopter rolled after taking off from Talkeetna. The aircraft was one of four traveling to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage from Fort Wainwright.£CWR29KC226JBHZ\TRThe Archdiocese of Baltimore, which is the oldest Roman Catholic diocese in the country and spans much of Maryland, has long faced scrutiny over its handling of abuse allegations.◇

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