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【No visitors will be allowed east of that road.◄AQ12EA150FAJBE¤Their choir had been formed as the '"African answer" to the Virginia Jubilee Singers, Erlmann says — a group of African-American performers led by Orpheus McAdoo, a professional singer. They had spent five years touring South Africa, performing religious folk songs closely associated with enslaved people in the United States.▀C1210X910F4HACAUTO◐Three NFL players were suspended indefinitely Friday for betting on NFL games in the 2022 season, while two other players, including the 12th overall draft pick a year ago, received six-game suspensions for betting on non-NFL games at a league facility.▌1210Y1K00562KXT▫"What's left," Sen says, "is a few major [digital] outlets that are independent. If this trend continues, the future is grim for Indian democracy."➫

↶Israel, which has vowed to stop Iranian entrenchment in Syria, has carried out hundreds of strikes in government-controlled parts of that country in recent years, though it rarely acknowledges them. Before the latest strikes, Syrian officials had attributed 10 attacks to Israel this year, some of which put the Damascus and Aleppo airports temporarily out of service and killed civilians as well as Syrian soldiers and Iranian military advisers.▬BBY5603WE6327HTSA1↷They identified the critically injured cheerleader as Payton Washington, who they described as an "icon" of the all-star cheerleading world.▯


♂The company's portfolio of brands is known for its influential modern designs, including the Eames lounge chair and the Aeron desk chair, both of which retail for over $1,000.❐0603DD223KAT2A۰Who is he? A multi-instrumentalist, Grammy winner and Beyoncé usurper, Beck is one of the biggest names in alternative rock.▆2225J0100562FCR→California, Delaware, New Jersey and New York have passed similar legislation over the past three years. Opponents of the bill argued that it would merely bog the firearms industry down in bogus lawsuits.♨ECJ-2VB2A221K▰India's foreign minister, S. Jaishankar, questioned the timing of the documentary release — a year before India's next national elections — and alleged that the documentary was part of an attempt to "shape a very extremist image" of India and its prime minister.▩

◫Retired businessman Gary Wasserson had never worked in the nonprofit world, but today he calls himself a humanitarian.☣SI7611DN-T1-GE3⇗Her mother, Samantha Casiano, knew their baby wouldn't survive long because she had anencephaly – part of Halo's brain and skull never developed.↳


↸The WWE storyline goes that Dominik turned against his father, the WWE Hall-of-Famer Rey, after being influenced by Judgement Day, a villainous stable of wrestlers.のLD052C391KAB2A✿The owners of Hamburger Mary's in Orlando say their First Amendment rights were violated after DeSantis signed a bill, SB 1438, last week that restricts children from attending certain draw show performances, according to a federal lawsuit obtained by NPR.♪1808Y0160180FCT▦Officers at the scene gave at least 12 orders to hold back and not enter the classrooms despite hearing the gunfire blasts, The Post’s investigation found.⇇SMAZ5931B-E3/5A☂Startled, Canales tells fellow officers, “We gotta get in there. He’s gonna keep shooting.” Martinez also acknowledged the urgency of the crisis, later trying to approach the classrooms before eventually retreating. In his post-shooting interview with investigators, stating he thought children were probably inside: “It’s a school. You’re going to assume there’s kids in there.”⇪

↕To be clear, the McSCs aren't the sole factor in determining when your gray grows in. Dr. Jenna Lester, a dermatologist and professor at the University of California, San Francisco, told NPR's Short Wave podcast that there's a multitude of factors beyond aging that play a role.↗SPD73-223M⇁A co-defendant, financier Andrew Badolato, was also sentenced to three years for aiding the effort. He had also pleaded guilty. A third man involved in siphoning funds from the wall project, Colorado businessman Tim Shea, won't be sentenced until June.▌


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BZV55B16 L1G✍The gun used was an AR-15 style rifle, he said. Authorities were still investigating how he obtained it.ⓛC961U222MWWDBAWL45▆As an astronomer — not an astrologer — I have to tread carefully when it comes to zodiac signs.▣


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1206J2500122KXT←Cadwallader Staub carefully followed directions her friend had given her, and safely arrived in Boston. After the ceremony, she walked back to her car, planning on following the same directions in reverse order. What she didn't account for was being forced to leave the parking lot directly onto a one-way street. She told herself not to panic: she'd just take the first left and another left and then head out of the city.①AZ23C15-HE3-18★For the U.N., the impact of the Taliban ban began with the first "no women" decree in December. "The absence of women in our team can be directly felt in the effectiveness of our work," said Mohammad, a U.N. employee. NPR is only using his first name because he fears repercussions from the Taliban.☪

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