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↟Importers complained and took their case to courts, most of which agreed with them and ordered customs to release the sex dolls, saying they are used in people's private spaces and don't undermine human dignity.↙


⇖Officials were tight-lipped on many additional details about the case, as the investigation is ongoing and a criminal case is pending, officers from Atlanta and Cobb County said.▣3640Y1K20474KXRWS3✍A federal court challenge from TikTok is expected well before then, likely teeing up a legal brawl that supporters of the law in Montana say could eventually wind up in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.⇕1206J0160223GFTぃThe call to prayer resounded from the city's mosques when the eclipse phase began as Muslims said eclipse prayers as a reminder of God's greatness.▥T95Z336K010LZAL➺A statement issued by several advocacy groups that focus on the safe use of social media raised concerns about the legislation. They include Common Sense Media, Fairplay for Kids and the Center for Digital Democracy, which said though the bill is "well-intentioned," some aspects take the wrong approach.

♨"We are angry. This is an unspeakable tragedy that could — and should — have been prevented by a humanitarian approach to migration instead of barb-wiring the European borders," ResQship said.●CDRH3D14/LDNP-220NC➚ ☝


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T491U686K010AT7183↦The Associated Press quoted Russian defense officials as saying their forces aimed long-range cruise missiles at places where Ukrainian military reserve units were staying and achieved their goal.▫1537-42JOtieno was laid to rest last week. Civil rights leader the Rev. Al Sharpton and other speakers at his funeral said his death shows the need for mental health and policing reforms.➯


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2500-22H⊙Some popular changes to health care brought by the COVID-19 pandemic will remain in place, at least for a time, including more flexibility with telemedicine, access to controlled substances and hospital-at-home programs. The Drug Enforcement Administration has not said how long it will allow telehealth prescribing of controlled substances, but most of the other measures have been extended to at least the end of next year.❄2510R-56K♠A woman who went missing in the Australian wilderness after making a wrong turn survived for five days on wine and candy, local authorities said.■


⊡"There's been this constant implicit and sometimes explicit link between homelessness and crime — homelessness and lack of safety," said Sara Newman, director of organizing at the Open Hearts Initiative. "The same goes for mental illness. And the solution to that is to make people who are experiencing homelessness or mental illness go away."↯C0402C209C3GACTU▄NPS is investigating the incident and asking the public to share any relevant information to a tip line. The agency has yet to identify the man behind the incident, describing him as a "white male in his 40-50's, wearing a blue shirt and black pants."⇏GRM1887U1H222GA01D♕MSF premises in Nyala, South Darfur have been looted, including one of our warehouses. This is a structure that should be protected, it's for humanitarian purposes, there is no justification for it to be targeted.▪8532-01L✲Oropesa was being held on five counts of murder and a $5 million bond, the sheriff said.▄

▫It also urged the U.N. Security Council to "push through effective actions to hold the Myanmar military accountable, including by referring the situation in the country to the International Criminal Court."♤MMBZ5264B-G3-18⊙Do the woes of the world get you down? Are daily headlines capsizing your ship? Does it seem like it's taking too long for the deluge of April showers to clear the way for all those promised and proverbial May flowers? (Unless of course you're in a part of the world still awaiting rainfall due to climate agitations.)ⓛ

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