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❦O'Neill, age 43, served as Assistant Director for Embark Outdoors, a nonprofit facilitating outdoor sports and education for refugee women and girls.┱


♙Lawyers for the Biden administration had previously asked the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals for an emergency stay on a lower court's injunction ruling by U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk that was slated to go into effect Friday and would block the Food and Drug Administration's approval of mifepristone.▨0805Y0630821JDT↟"Governor Abbott will take every chance he get to dehumanize migrants. Even if they were murdered in a mass shooting," Illinois Rep. Chuy García replied.✏TD190N16SOF↣"We're allowing people who don't believe in this system to come in and destroy it," she said.↯C0805X132J5HAC7800▒"And will call you if they see something?"◑

⇗"I am now uncomfortable in public washrooms," she says.▯0505J3000680FQT▩The family was looking through their grandfather's belongings when they found the handheld explosive device and it went off.♖


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X0403DF 1AA2♦Yeti Airlines confirmed that the flight data and cockpit voice recorders — the so-called black boxes — were found on Monday, a day after the plane went down, which could help determine a cause for the crash.✄1210J1K00821KXR○Wiseman and Glover both have taken flights to the International Space Station, and were both captains in the U.S. Navy. Koch was an engineer and a scientific field worker before becoming an astronaut, and her 328-day stint in space set a record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman. Hansen, an astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency, served as a fighter pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force.⇉


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5HP01S-TL-E♣In most cases, the shoes and other possessions were collected and the material used to help the Third Reich in its war effort. The 110,000 shoes in the museum's collection — while massive — most likely came from only the last transports to the camp, Cajzer said.▽SDR0503-150M⇏"We had no knowledge of what was depicted. As soon as we learned, it was removed immediately. We apologize for this error," the WWE said in a statement to NPR on Sunday.❒


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1M130Z A0G❏"I don't expect the Russians to improve their tactics. I expect them to be every bit as brutal, if not more so," Rapp said.⇢CWR11FH685KS♠It was a surprising shift for Rice, a longtime Democratic foreign policy expert who served as President Barack Obama's national security adviser and U.N. ambassador, the only person to serve in both positions. She worked closely with then-Vice President Biden in those roles and was on his short list to become his running mate during the 2020 campaign.↜

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