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⇓On Saturday morning, when President Biden was asked about the balloon, he told reporters "we're gonna take care of it."▶1808YA250222JXRSP❁Now, the Biden administration has renewed that process as advocates for more official statistics about LGBTQ populations continue to grapple with long-standing data gaps that make it difficult to fully understand people's needs amid rising anti-LGBTQ sentiment from right-wing groups.☻2220Y2500682KCT░Congress has four primary concerns about TikTok. First, that TikTok collects data about you; second, that kids get addicted to spending time on TikTok; and third, that people can find misinformation and violence. Of course, all of this is also true about Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.△CQ220I-16BJack Sweeney, the 20-year-old who created the popular Twitter page tracking billionaire Elon Musk's private jet, recently debuted the new account following the Florida governor.▇

▂In 2009, a Christie's auction of another Rembrandt portrait set a world record: "Portrait of a Man with Arms Akimbo" sold for a whopping $25.3 million.◑1206Y0500180JAT♢An 8-year-old girl died while in custody with U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Texas, the agency said on Wednesday.♣


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C1206X200M4HACAUTO✍Update: See complete coverage of the coronation ceremony here.↾TAZH336J025LRSZ0000↮As of Friday evening, the fire was still burning but had died down and was contained, Gonzalez said.⇕


⊟One of those students, Nick Reynolds, told NPR in 2014 that the trio printed "Boston Strong" on T-shirts, thinking they'd sell about 100 to raise money for the victims' families.➨199D155X9035A2B1☃Mount Everest, located in Nepal and Tibet, is the mountain with the highest altitude above sea level, with an elevation of 29,029 feet, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.⇧1825J0100154KCT•"This show of support by a group of large banks is most welcome, and demonstrates the resilience of the banking system," they said, in a short statement.☎GCM2165C2A242JA16D¤"Disqualifying dead cats with microchips is too little too late," said SAFE spokesperson Will Appelbe. "It's not even an ambulance, but a grave at the bottom of the cliff."▋

▭Shockingly, Drake was not the first to make that hotline bling.♣C315C473J3G5TA7301☻Among the known job cuts from Monday is vice president of communications Mike Soltys, who has been with the company 43 years. Soltys confirmed his departure via social media.♤


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MUR2X120A12↨Raynes was spotted on surveillance footage at a service station in Spring Valley, a suburb of Houston, at 11 a.m. Sunday, Jones said Wednesday in a statement. Investigators believe he fled to Texas after stealing a Hinds County Public Works vehicle, which was recovered in Spring Valley. It was unknown whether Raynes traveled alone.➤TPSB476K010T0350♧Assistant Linn County Attorney Michael Harris, a prosecutor in the case, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from The Post.➱


の"You can be whatever you want to be. I promise you that. I told them that I wanted to be a country singer and I am standing here at the CMT Awards with the male video of the year, baby," he shouted.↤VJ1210Y332MLEAJ32◘Bonta said in a statement that both attorneys general have concerns about the NFL's role in fostering an "extremely hostile and detrimental work environment."▭04026D474KAT2A⇅The malicious Facebook links got the attention of Mike Shirley, who lives in the Twin Falls region near Canyon Ridge High School. "I think I stumbled across something very eyebrow raising on the social media comments," he wrote in an email to NPR a few days after the swatting incident in his area.↦2SP0430T2A0C-FF1800R12IE5◇So Shiv is working with Matsson, but it's not clear how dedicated she is to him, and it's not clear whether her loyalty to him would extend to anything except trying to get the deal to happen — which, after all, was the plan until Kendall and Roman went behind her back first.●

✚"Depending upon the type of meteorite this is, specimens could easily be worth their weight in gold," said Pitt.◫2220Y0160124FCT♬Unfortunately, the show also ginned up scandalous arguments to build viewership and ratings, with Springer as the genial, criticism-deflecting ringmaster.▊

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