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☀Blaine Miller-McFeeley with Earthjustice said he expects some logging would continue under a new rule, but conservation and recreational uses also would be promoted.⊞


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1206J0630222MDR➮Last month, state Senate leader Toni Atkins announced legislation that would end the ban and replace it with an advertising campaign in those states that promotes acceptance and inclusion for the LGBTQ community. The bill would set up a fund to pay for the campaign, which would accept private donations and state funding — if any is available.➪2225J0250272GFR➳Regional political analyst Torek Farhadi told CBS News earlier this month that the ban on women working for the U.N. likely came straight from the Taliban's supreme leader, who "wants to concentrate power and weaken elements of the Taliban which would want to get closer to the world community."⇥

♠In video streamed live on Facebook, a car can be heard honking before several shots ring out and protesters begin screaming and scattering.⇡


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FDPC8014AS♥Tim Calkins, a marketing professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, said he expects more brands will steer clear of controversial issues.➸2220J1K00123KDR▤HALEY: Well, I think there's legal immigration that we can focus on at the same time. And I think that needs to be focused on what does our country need. Let's do it by merit. Let's do it by talent. Let's do it based on what the businesses need. But let's not do it just because people happen to cross the fence and get away. Let's not do it because we have crowded facilities and we can't hold anymore. That's the wrong way to go about it. We have to make sure this is a national security issue. We have to vet them, we have to know exactly who's coming in here. Iran has said that the easiest way to get into America is through the southern border. We shouldn't wait for another 9/11 to realize that Republicans and Democrats have to get in a room and figure out immigration reform and start working for the American people instead of the other way around.♬


⊟The raid took place less than a month after the BBC released a documentary critical of Modi and alleged his responsibility in anti-Muslim violence that left more than 1,000 dead and tens of thousands displaced in Gujarat in 2002, when he was serving as chief minister of the state. The Indian Supreme Court has cleared Modi of responsibility.❖C931U101JVSDBAWL35▶Republicans call the legislation pro-family and pro-child, pointing to at least $160 million in spending contained within for maternal health services, foster and adoption care, contraceptive access and paid leave for teachers and state employees after the birth of a child.✏1808YA250102JCTSPU◊The Italian medical group Emergency said 46 of its staff refused to leave, working in hospitals in Khartoum, Nyala and Port Sudan.ぃ1825J0630103JCR☽Carrasquilla was asked to resign over "a number of other issues," Bishop told CBS News. Bishop said the David photo was the latest incident under Carrasquilla and claimed that she blamed it for her resignation so the whole truth wouldn't be reported.▒

♟The United Nations said Tuesday it is reviewing its presence in Afghanistan after the Taliban barred Afghan women from working for the world organization — a veiled suggestion the U.N. could move to suspend its mission and operations in the embattled country.✐0805Y0500224MXR☄The "bundled care" approach used in the study cuts down the time it takes to address the problem.➤


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