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↧A technical problem forced Flamini to briefly pause the challenge around Day 300, The Associated Press reports. She spent eight days in a tent, without making contact with anyone, before returning to the cave. (Nov. 21, 2021 to April 14 is 509 days.)™


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UMK105CG511JVHF✐The proposal would also ban the use of personal pronouns in public schools that do not correspond to a teacher, administrator or student’s sex at birth.☁1206Y0100103JXR⊟Nelson said it's easy enough to give a second or third dose of naloxone if it wears off.▪

✚Similarly, executives at the Walt Disney Co. and ABC breathed a sigh of relief after settling a case in 2017, in which ABC News had referred to a kind of processed beef as "pink slime." That's because the amount parent company Disney paid — $177 million — was a fraction of its possible $5.7 billion exposure under South Dakota law. ABC did not retract the story.♠

➦Mifepristone is used in about half of all abortions nationwide. It has been used by millions of women since it was first approved in 2000, and major medical organizations say it has a strong safety record. The drug is also commonly used to help manage miscarriages.➹


↓GREEN: My name is Jane Green. Before the invasion, I was the chief of the group of analysts who focused on Iraq.↛M39003/01-6384❦Not all researchers are convinced of a nodding syndrome-river blindness association. To begin with, onchocerciasis is present in three distinct geographies: the Amazon Basin, Yemen, and sub-Saharan Africa. Yet no clinically described cases of nodding syndrome have been recorded in the Amazon or Yemen. And nodding syndrome does not appear to cause one of the key features of river blindness: vision impairment.♠GQM1555C2D3R9CB01D☪That would have led to a very different message to the President.  There is a big difference between saying, on the one hand, "Mr. President, we think he has these weapons, and we have high confidence in that view" and on the other hand, "Mr. President, we think he has these weapons, but what you really need to know is that we only have low confidence in that."⇅2220J0630683GCR◢LUCKNOW, India — A former Indian lawmaker convicted of kidnapping and facing murder and assault charges was shot dead along with his brother in a dramatic attack that was caught live on TV in northern India, officials said Sunday.⇣

❦When Senate Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin this week asked the chief justice of the Supreme Court to give the committee an update on the ethics of the court, he spoke of "a steady stream of revelations regarding Justices falling short" of ethical standards.☜SE053C186KAR▋Neely's funeral service took place on Friday at Harlem's Mount Neboh Baptist Church. The Rev. Al Sharpton, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and New York Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado were among those who attended.➶

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