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◈"The need for disclosure outweighs the need for secrecy," Taylor wrote in his decision to release the report, saying a "public reckoning" may be the only form of justice available to some victims.➨C0603C271K3RACAUTO◧The study, led by Kathy James, an associate professor at the Colorado School of Public Health, focuses on arsenic in private drinking wells. Arsenic, a carcinogen that occurs naturally in soil, has been appearing in rising levels in drinking water in the valley, she says. In California, Mexico, and Vietnam, research has linked rising arsenic levels in groundwater to drought and the overpumping of aquifers.♀CKC18C103FCGAC7800✲The last big strike lasted more than three months, stretching from 2007 into 2008. Back then, people were up in arms over the fate of beloved shows like Grey's Anatomy. In the meantime, they fired up their DVD players to watch early seasons of The Wire and binge shows like Friday Night Lights and My So-Called Life.➘GRM1885C2AR90CA01D♕While the Serbian government sought to crack down on guns and police raced to investigate the fresh violence, the nation started to ask what social factors may have contributed to the mass shootings. Serbia has one of the highest number of firearms per capita in the world, and guns are frequently fired into the air to mark the birth of a child or other special occasions.☁

✐The strikes come one day after a similar attack on a historic apartment building in the southern city of Mykolaiv, which left one person dead. All three attacks used high-precision cruise missiles, according to Ukrainian officials.ぃC315C110JAG5TA♪"In fact, I didn't want to come out," she said.❃


✃But for the 2020 census, close to 44% of Latinos either did not answer the race question at all or checked off only the box for the mysterious catchall category "Some other race," according to data the Census Bureau released last month.↖VJ0805Y223MLJAJ32✄But Howard Hogan, a former chief demographer at the bureau who retired from the agency in 2018, contends that research is inconclusive on the potential effects a combined question could have on those groups, particularly on the Black population.↯C324C829DAG5TA☜"Mini rooms are essentially streamers hiring writers to come in and basically 'break' stories," Fortmueller said.■CDR03BX563AKUSAB♤Between the two cases, Manfredonia pleaded guilty to five counts of murder, assault, kidnapping and home invasion. Both of his sentences will run concurrently, and he agreed not to seek early release as part of his plea bargains, The Associated Press reports.ⓞ

☣"This particular decision hurts the poor the most in Afghanistan; those who have no voice and have the most to lose."∎1330-52K☊As jurors left the courtroom, Sheeran quietly mouthed "thank you" in their direction. He then spoke for about 10 minutes with the plaintiffs, including the daughter of Ed Townsend, who co-created the 1973 soul classic with Gaye. They hugged and smiled with each other.▣


△"We believe that this data is approximately ten times larger than any underwater 3D model that's ever been attempted before," said Richard Parkinson, Magellan founder and CEO.✣BZG05B39-E3-TR↕"His Holiness often teases people he meets in an innocent and playful way, even in public and before cameras," the statement adds.☢VJ1206A120KXAMR◈She died Wednesday in her home in Switzerland after a long period of illness, according to a statement from her publicist. In her 2018 memoir, Tina Turner: My Love Story, Turner detailed a litany of health issues she had dealt with since 2013, including a stroke, intestinal cancer and kidney failure. Her second husband, Erwin Bach, donated a kidney to her in 2017, saving her life.✉C0805X683K4RECAUTO▐In a separate case in Arizona, Vallow was also indicted on conspiracy murder charges for allegedly arranging for her brother, Alex Cox, to shoot and kill her fourth husband, Charles Vallow, in July of 2019. Alex Cox died in December of 2019, of what was determined to be natural causes.↳

유Kesavan says that most Indian media houses have become defenders of the Hindu nationalist government, selling the majoritarian populist agenda.↗04023C333KAT2A▇The main protest in Tel Aviv, Israel's commercial hub, was held less than a mile from Friday's fatal attack in Tel Aviv.▆


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C1210X184G4HAC7800↕European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell tweeted he had spoken with the rival commanders, urging an immediate cease-fire to protect civilians and the evacuation of EU citizens.◈0805Y0500150JFR❃Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy head of the Russian Security Council, said Friday's U.S.-led meeting at the air base in Germany "left no doubt that our enemies will try to exhaust or better destroy us," adding that "they have enough weapons" to achieve the purpose.☂


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1812Y2500821FFR♠Lots of steps need to happen, she says, from the time an egg and sperm meet to the moment a person tests positive on a pregnancy test.▍C336C153GAG5TA⇡South Koreans have long been inured to the threat from the North, but a jittery South Korean public has prompted Seoul to ask the U.S. for tougher deterrence measures. The announcements appear to be aimed at calming those jitters, by repackaging previous commitments or adding new material to existing policies.◈

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