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MMSZ5233C-G3-08◎So they've been avoiding it.⇛1808J0160822FCT♠At a news conference Monday in Seattle, NHTSA focused on distracted driving fatalities, which speakers said are entirely preventable if people stop using their cell phones, eating, or doing other things that divert attention from the road.┲

☜But when they reached the dressing room, he restrained her and forced his fingers inside of her before pulling down her pants and raping her, she testified. She said she escaped after kneeing him and running away. At the time, she told two friends about the attack, she said. She did not file a police report.►

◐The Biden administration stopped the practice, known as metering, last year because it incentivizes more people to cross illegally between international bridges. U.S. Customs and Border Protection did not immediately respond to TPR's questions about whether the policy has returned or is being implemented elsewhere along the border.♀

➬According to the FBI, some families have unexpectedly found explosive devices in the belongings of their parents or grandparents who were military veterans. Some veterans brought back explosives as souvenirs from World Wars I and II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Gulf War.웃


❐The victims’ families shared similar sentiments in the Linn County courtroom on Monday.♠0805Y1000122JXR❤Hours before Saturday's main event in Baltimore, Havnameltdown, a horse trained by Bob Baffert, was euthanized after the 3-year-old colt injured its ankle during an earlier race.⇒VJ0603A1R0CXXCW1BC◄Credit Suisse reported earlier this week that managers had identified "material weaknesses" in the bank's internal controls on financial reporting as of the end of last year. That fanned new doubts about the bank's ability to weather the storm.▧2220J2K50100GCR▧Gabino Iglesias is an author, book reviewer and professor living in Austin, Texas. Find him on Twitter at @Gabino_Iglesias.♦

➟"It took 150 years after Gutenberg before anyone thought to invent a newspaper. I think we're talking about decades, maybe even generations, before we figure out this next stage," Jarvis said.♔LQG15HZ6N2C02D⊿"This fireball being seen during the day is incredibly rare; imagine how bright it would have been at night," it added.↦

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