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♀Guns rights activists criticized the law. The National Rifle Association described the legislation as "unconstitutional" and sued the state.❈


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DRA9144V0LღKraus believes silence can be a benefit to children. When she and her team monitored kids with "noisy brains" under scalp electrodes, they found that periods of silence helped lessen the static.↢FK26X7R2E104KN006▲Opinion polls show Macron's popularity has plunged to its lowest level in four years. The centrist president, who made raising the retirement age a priority of his second term, plans to make a televised national address on Monday evening, Macron's office said.▀


▫Our Black Girls centers on the stories of Black women and young girls in the U.S. who have gone missing or, in some cases, were found dead under bizarre conditions.☃APT58M50JCU3◥MARGARET BRENNAN: And we turn now to Arizona Democratic Senator Mark Kelly, who joins us from Tucson. Senator, welcome to the program.►2225J2500684MXT♀Siddhu Pachipala is a senior at The Woodlands College Park High School, in a suburb outside Houston. He's been thinking about psychology since seventh grade, when he read Thinking, Fast and Slow by psychologist Daniel Kahneman.♪C1210C470F5HAC7800♤The recall applies to certain model year 2018-2021 Volkswagen Atlas and model year 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport vehicles. Owners whose vehicles are affected will be notified via mail next month. Volkswagen is still working to figure out a repair for the problem, and owners will get another letter when one is available, according to documents filed with NHTSA.⇕

↹Police said Anthony Watts, a 61-year-old church pastor, was shot and killed Monday around 7 p.m. on Interstate 55 in Jackson after he pulled over to help a man who had wrecked a motorcycle. That man shot Watts several times and then stole his Red Dodge Ram, police said. Watts died at the scene.↵TMK063BJ152MP-F☀"I'm not a victim, and this isn't a pity party. This is more about awareness," said Mabry, who is encouraging people to contact their state legislators about anti-LGBTQ+ bills in Texas.✄


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DDTA144WCA-7-F⇞And it might rain.☆1808Y5K04P70CCR▬The resident said he fired after the car ran over his foot.◁

➤The Federal Aviation Administration closed the airspace and issued a ground stop at three airports in North and South Carolina on Saturday afternoon, ahead of the operation. Flights resumed shortly after the balloon was taken down.◇


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