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➽He also criticized a Kentucky law that he said would allow the AR-15 style rifle used in Monday's shooting to be auctioned off.▯


☠Speeding-related deaths increased 7.9%, while crash deaths involving large trucks weighing over 10,000 pounds were up 17%.◑KSA709GTA♦In his campaign announcement, Santos didn't mention any of that and instead highlighted his zeal in fighting for conservative principles in Washington and his background as "a poor boy of immigrant parents in Queens."☄STPS30L60CT▐A freight train carrying hazardous materials derailed in southwestern Wisconsin on Thursday, injuring four employees and sending two containers into the Mississippi River.↓C316C910FAG5TA☆Earlier in the evening there was a loud noise when a speaker fell over and at least one person lifted their shirt to indicate they had a gun, Thornton said. That led to an announcement telling people with guns to leave. The shooting happened shortly after, he said. He did not say if the person who lifted their shirt was one of the defendants.卐

◎No other civilians were shot after police arrived, and officers who worked to clear the building after the shooter had been killed also rendered medical aid to some of the victims, he added.♥TAJA105M035HNJ◦Cooke has even drawn a comic to tell the story of Eugene Goodman, the U.S. Capitol Police officer who diverted rioters from the U.S. Senate chamber during the January 6 attack.

ЮTrump is now going to have to stand trial and be judged by a jury of his peers, the first time this has ever happened for a former president of the United States.◁


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☜"I don't know when we weren't friends," Ellis told WTOC-TV, calling Rivers "a legend."▀

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